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Ireland Win Euro Qualifiers!

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Crazy Al

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posted 2/22/09 - 2:12 pm

Well its with great pleasure that i am posting up here to tell you guys that Ireland are going to be at the Euro Finals in Denmark later this year!!
We had the honour of hosting the Qualifing round between ourselves Czech Republic and France in Dublin.
The Czech's finished second which means they are also through to the finals in October.
The results were...
Ireland vs Czech 48 - 43
Czech vs France 56 - 45
France vs Ireland 37 - 51
Ireland vs Czech 40 - 36
Czech vs France 46 - 43
France vs Ireland 45 - 51

We would like to thank all involved in the tournament, all the fans that showed up, everyone who sent us well wishes and a big thank you to Andy Barrow for coaching us over the past few months and over the weekend.

By the looks of things the French will be a major contender the next time round. They have some excellent new players and were improving throughout the weekend so it will be very interesting to see how they get on at the 5 Nations in Stoke in 2 weeks time.
To the other 10 teams already through, see you in Denmark!!


posted 2/23/09 - 1:22 am


Congrats to Ireland and the Czech Republic with their qualification for the upcomming EC.

What's with the 5 nations in Stoke......which country's will attend?

Crazy Al

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posted 2/23/09 - 11:09 am


Thanks man.

5 Nations is between Ireland England Scotland Wales amd France.


Alan Lynch 1.0 Captain Gaelic Warriors & Ireland www.gaelicwarriors.com