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Nike Structured Weight Training Belt

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James DuBose

posted 12/16/08 - 1:31 pm

Does anyone know where to find a belt with the ratchet adjuster & not the velcro strap? I have looked everywhere and can't find any.


posted 7/2/09 - 11:59 pm

did you ever manage to find

did you ever manage to find these, or any other belt with a ratchet system?  A teammate of mine has one of these belts and said they have never been ablne to find them again.

Matt Scham

posted 7/6/09 - 9:53 pm

the only places you can

the only places you can really find a lever belt is from a powerlifting website. Inzer and Titan are companies that sell gear for powerlifting and this is where you would be able to buy them, but they are leather and very stiff belts. Google both of the names and include powerliftinf behind it and the home websites should be an option. Matt