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Try-Outs: Open vs. Invitation

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posted 12/9/08 - 11:11 am

I was told about a forum that was discussing the controversary about if the try-out should be open or by invitation only.

I looked but couldn't find the thread. So I created my own.

I have been playing for only 4-5 years, but like most of you I played sports in high school and college. The various sports and teams ALL had open tryouts.

I think the USQRA team should definitely be open to all players.

I've heard the biggest arguement for invitation tryouts is logicistics. That's just not true from my point-of-view.

Think of this scenario...using a football analogy...

If you're a lineman - you go with Coach Red
If you're a receiver - you go with Coach White
If you're a special teams- you go with Coach Blue

You can see the point.

Now let's carry over to rugby.

If you're a 2.5-3.5 - you go with Coach J.Gumby
If you're a 1.5-2.0 - you go with Coach W. Gumby
If you're a .5-1.0 - you go with Coach ???

There are no additional expenses related to increasing the player's pool. The attendees are responsible for their own travel and hotel costs already, so that is nothing new. The only expense would be food. The committee could even charge each applicant a $50 fee to cover that cost. That might weed out some plyers who aren't that serious.

I don't think I'm good enough yet. But that's my choice!! But if I was, I would like the opportunity to prove it....especially if my team doesn't travel to the BIG tournaments on the East & West Coasts.

For the national team, the committee would/could invite prior team member and invite Team USQRA members to try-out. They could still have a protest plan for "walk-ons.

That's my idea...


posted 12/10/08 - 11:08 am

Hey Thumper

You have a good idea there with a modified "combine/open" tryout system. You may want to cut and paste this into the General Forum Section. This section is below the fold in IE and I rarely scroll down to see if there's anything posted.

Kimball #8 Capitol Punishers