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Team USA Zonal tryouts

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posted 10/11/08 - 10:08 am

Team USA Zonal tryouts dates are on the calendar.

Dates: December 12-14

More information to follow next week.




JoshWheeler's picture

posted 10/11/08 - 10:26 pm

Is it possible to have the

Is it possible to have the Team USA Zonal tryouts on a weekend that doesn't have a bunch of other tournaments?

Josh Wheeler #10 Utah Scorpions


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posted 10/12/08 - 7:59 am

USA Tryouts

"High Altitude Rugby"

Hi Bob...Great News. Looking forward for the opportunity to Tryout. I heard there may be different coaches this season. Is that true?  Also, do you know if their will be any developmental team tryouts this year?  Thanks, hope your well.