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posted 9/14/08 - 1:49 am

Score was 11-11 at the quarter. Both teams showing some nerves. A couple of uncharacteristic unforced turnovers from each side. For the most part the US pressure took its toll, and they built a four point lead.
Canada picked up the pressure  and forced a 4 on 3 turn over.  Canada brought it to within 2 points before the US settled down.
First half ended         24-21 US.

3rd Quarter
US started the 3rd in the key.
Time out Canada, they took 4 minutes to score. Taking time off.
A quick US score. 15 sec TO by Can w/US goal.

Players are Canada - Mike, Say, Dave, Trevor
                    US - Bryan, Andy, Will and Nick.

US scored on another TO pick up another.
Scott scored with 6sec
End of 3rd Quarter -           Score 28-23 USA

4th Quarter
US - Seth, Will, Joel, Jason
Can - Garret, Fabien, Trevor, Daniel
Exchanging goals to 4:34 score of 32-28
Canada maybe has 1 timeout, USA has 1
Lineup change 4:00 turnover US
Lineups- Zup, Andy, Will, Scott
CAN - Mike, Say, Dave, Trevor
2:30 34-30 US out of time outs.
1:30 35-31
Turn over by Dave
1:00 36-31
0:40 36-32
CAN w/2 in the box
Dave fouls - 3 players in the box

Final 37-32 USA



posted 9/14/08 - 8:59 am

Lost comment from a new fan

I edited my posting and in the process inadvertently deleted a post from a new fan who was at the game in Beijing.  He really enjoyed the game and is now determined to get tickets for the remaining games.

Really my bad, I hope he visits here again and reposts his comments.



posted 9/14/08 - 10:03 pm

USA vs. Canada

 No worries, Bob.  Happy to repost.

I had stopped by because I just wanted to congratulate you guys on the game and let you know how much fun I had.  It was my first time getting to watch a match in person, and I really enjoyed it.  So, as Bob said, I'm trying to call in all the favors I know from people here in Beijing to get a ticket for the finals.  I was able to get one for the bronze medal match, but I'm hoping you guys won't be in that one.

If I'm not there to cheer you on in person, good luck guys!