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North America Cup

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posted 6/23/08 - 4:11 pm

I think there is a lot of interest in Team USA. The team suffered its first loss in over 2 years and there's no real details about the tournament. It's been real quiet. The team won 4 and lost 1? Is that right?

Xable will be in Vancouver so we will have solid coverage of the Canada Cup, but where's the info on the North America Cup?


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posted 7/18/08 - 4:20 pm


Second day of North America Cup results in two more American wins

The US National Team continues to use the homecourt advantage of the Lakeshore Foundation in two more resounding wins against New Zealand and Canada.  In the morning match the US won 47-35 over the Kiwis while in the afternoon the Americans were once again victorious 38-30 over our neighbors from the north .


In other action New Zealand defeated Canada 29-27.

First day of North America Cup results in two American wins

Today the US took another strong step towards Beijing with solid wins against New Zealand and Canada.  The final score against New Zealand was 36 to 27 while the Americans bested the Canadians by four 36 to 32. The US national team will face off against the same two opponents on Saturday.