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posted 11/30/17 - 10:52 am

I was looking for some clarification on an ACTION ITEM listed in the Commissioner’s Report from the November's board of directors meeting. The fourth bullet point item states that the board will begin enforcing the article rule.

Is this the article rule associated with the Constitution & Bylaws Article I – MEMBERSHIP, Section 3 – Dues : e.

"Each team in the USQRA must submit at least one article per season to Sports N' Spokes, www.quadrugby.com and/or other magazines for publication. Articles
should be four or more paragraphs long, and include worthy information, that
promotes our sport to others. Copies of each article must be submitted to the
Commissioner, within a week of being submitted for publication, to verify that team’s compliance. Teams not in compliance two weeks before the beginning of postseason or two weeks after hosting a post-season event will be assessed a fine of $100.00. If fines are not paid by the beginning of post-season those teams will be disqualified from post-season, and will not be eligible for post-season, in later years until all fines/fees have been paid."

If I am reading this bylaw correctly, a team would only be ineligible for the postseason if they failed to pay the $100.00 fine and not just for failing to submit an article. Is this correct? Or was an amendment passed that changed this bylaw?

If this has to do with something else, please disregard. Thanks