10th Annual NEP Wildcats Rugby Rampage

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posted 6/29/17 - 7:28 am

Basic Information

Date 21 Oct 2017 - 22 Oct 2017 Event Director Matt McGilvary/Bill Bouffard
Location UNH - Hamel Rec Center - Durham NH Phone 207-712-4395
Description 6-8 Team D2-D3 Tournament Official Website Click Here
      Wildcats Rugby Rampage 10        
      UNH - Durham, NH October 21-22, 2017        
Teams Seeding            
  Wildcats Blue   (Team 1)        
  Wildcats White   (Team 2)        
  NY Warriors            
  Court 1       Court 2    
9:30 AM Quebec vs Montreal   Wildcats Blue vs Wildcats White
11:15 AM NY Warriors vs Wildcats White        
1:00 PM         Wildcats Blue vs Quebec
2:30 PM Wildcats White vs Montreal        
4:15 PM NY Warriors vs Quebec   Wildcats Blue vs Montreal
9:30 AM Quebec vs Wildcats White   Montreal vs NY Warriors
11:15 PM Wildcats Blue vs NY Warriors     vs  
1:00 PM 1st vs 2nd   3rd vs 4th