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Low Point League

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posted 5/4/17 - 12:13 pm

At the AGM I brought up the idea of adding a low point division to Nationals, and to create a low point league within the USQRA. I brought up a few general ideas and showed a graph of the number of players at each classification value in the USQRA (there are a lot of low-point players). The idea was supported across the room, and the first step towards making this happen is to start setting up games and tournaments. I’d like to spread the word that we can do this, and open up a discussion to hear what people’s ideas are in how to get this going and what, exactly, we want it to be.

Some of my general thoughts:
• Games follow standard low-point game rules (15 seconds to get over half, no 40 second shot clock, 3.5 point maximum on the court, no players over 1.5)
• Tournaments could be 8-point, low-point, or integrated.
• At integrated tournaments, teams could sign up for 8-point, low-point, or both 8-poit and low-point games: everyone travels, everyone plays. Games could be added to the standard schedule, or games could be split, depending on which teams go and how organizers decide.
• Teams follow standard residency rules and are no different from their current designations within the USQRA.
• Eventually, a division will be created at Nationals with the same types of eligibility requirements as the current D1/D2 system

Some Justifications:
• Fewer and fewer low point players have a chance to play the sport that was created for low functioning quadriplegics
• Most 8-point lineups have 1 low point player, while the league has more low point than high point players. (According to the rosters on the USQRA website, there are known to be 7 class 0’s, 61 class 0.5’s, 81 class 1.0’s, 64 class 1.5’s, 94 class 2.0’s, 69 class 2.5’s, 52 class 3.0’s, and 15 class 3.5’s).
• Creation of a low point league will equalize playing time among classes, rewarding players for work and dedication rather than functional ability.
• Development of low point players will aid USAWR and add to the excitement of the sport for all players


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posted 5/17/17 - 10:33 pm

I'm with Mac. A low point

I'm with Mac. A low point division would be really fun. It would also give the majority of players in the league (low pointers) more play time. Additionally it would be nice to not just have to chase amps around the court all game!