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Transfer Rules

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posted 6/30/16 - 11:01 am


posted 7/3/16 - 10:07 am


Absolutely, unless the commissioner states WHY an exception was made to these very specific, reasonable rules. Unless the reason violates hipaa disclosures, why not share with the league the reason for exception? There must be a good, straightforward reason to wiggle out of the transfer rules.

Reasons like, this transfer is granted because it helps the future of team USA. Or this transfer is granted because the players home team sucks ass. Or this player transfer was granted to give player better experience than what would have been on home team. Why else grant an exception, hmm, player has more friends on another team?. Oh, the biggest reason to grant exception would have to be " I can win more games on another team".


Biggie's picture

posted 7/8/16 - 8:51 am

Yep pointless

Not that anybody's seeing this but yes you're right the rules seem to be pointless. Let's talk about the anti-Chance rule: you know the one that says you MUST play for one of the two closest teams if your local team won't let you play. Why? Who am I hurting by playing with teams that have asked me to join them? Yep that's right nobody. Why is anyone interested in who I play with, and let's be honest this rule only affects myself as I am the only one being honest with the league about where I live. If we honestly think this rule will stop anyone from wiggling around the residency rules, as so many have done this past year( cough cough all 3 USA coaches), you are sadly mistaken. Nothing in this league will change until the people in their elected positions start to show some integrity and respect for the sport and all its members, by actually enforcing our rules already in place, not just saying roll the dice and pay us 50$ for us to "look into" your allegations which everyone in the league knows to be fact yet someone has presented them with all the necessary residency "paperwork" for it to look legal on paper.The only transparency you need is to know its not how hard you work in this sport its how well you play "the game". It's just too bad the game is no longer rugby.


Chance Sumner

USQRA Commissioner

posted 7/28/16 - 2:58 pm

counter pointless

 The "new" rule is actually a return to an old rule, closing a loophole that appeared in the most recent revision.  It allowed a small group of players to play anywhere they wanted.  As long as the league has residence rules, the rule should cover everyone.  The commissioner's exception is to allow for situations not covered by the rule.  It didn't need to be explicit - by definition, the commissioner deals with those exceptions anyway.  Reasons for providing an exemption are not secret.  I'd be happy to publish them if/when they occur.

People nicknamed this the Chance rule because you happen to be an example of the additional language added to the rule,  It wasn't anti Chance or anti anyone.  It is directed at a situation that could potentially exist for anyone, though the new language that covers your situation doesn't change my interpretation of the rule.  It just clarifies it for the next guy.

You are, however, welcome to continue to play with Portland.  You joined that team within the rules as they were at the time (much like when a new team pops up inside 150 when you didn't have one - precedent is clear that you don't have to switch to the new team).  But, if you change teams you will have to do so within the rules as they exist at that time.  So if you change teams this season, you will only have 2 options unless you can reconcile with Denver.

For the record, you are not a unicorn.  We have over 540 players who are honest about their residence.  If there are players who are lying, they are our 1%.

Dave Mengyan

USQRA Commissioner


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posted 8/1/16 - 9:14 am


Yes Dave I would agree that 99% of our league is playing by the rules. However there is that 1% that happen to be the highest profile people in our sport that are making us look like a joke. The rules don't apply to them. It's funny how our league is a tiny microcosm of out country's political state, by that I mean if you know the right people the rules are simply a small obstacle soon to be trampled under foot. Here's a lesson for anyone who wants to play other than where they live.
First go get an ID in the state you wish to play using the address you will have on your fake lease. Next go get a dummy checking account using the same fake address on your ID. Then go get a pre written lease agreement from office max and fill it out. Ooh there's 3 of the 5, the last one can be tricky unless you have people willing to lie for you. You'll need a fake job or paystub. I hear Vesco is hiring. There easy as that. So again tell me how the rule wasn't proposed to combat my situation. Just for the record who proposed the new transfer rule?
Thank you for finally responding even tho it's not on Facebook. Glad to see our website serves some purpose?