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Starting from Scratch…

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The 2015-16 season marked the beginning for KC Revolution rugby. It started last January with one player and one rugby chair. After several weeks of reaching out by email and Facebook to anyone and everyone who might qualify to play and lived in the KC area, there was finally enough interest to hold a meeting. After our initial meeting, the numbers grew to 4 players and 1 rugby chair. A week later it was 6 players and 1 chair! We started meeting and practicing old school; beating up our everyday chairs! A few weeks later we had acquired an old Eagle dinosaur, but at least it was another rugby chair. In the weeks following, it seemed like somebody was getting a rugby chair every week! By October, we had 9 players and 8 chairs!
KC Revolution started our season by doing a demo for the Midwest Ability Summit. We had a great turn out and were even featured on the local news! In November we got our first taste of competition, by hosting a scrimmage against the Omaha Rugby Rebels. A couple weeks later we were invited to St Louis for a small tournament with STL, Minnesota, and an at-large team. It was the perfect opportunity to get our new team in the game! It was awesome to see the team get to experience everything a rugby tournament provides both on and off the court.
After the new year, we traveled to Omaha for another scrimmage against the Rebels. We had 2 great games against a very evenly matched opponent. KC and Omaha traded goals for 4 quarters, before the Revolution finally pulled away in overtime to win by 3. After a short break, we started a second game. Again, the 2 teams battled back and forth, matching point for point and turnover for turnover! At the end of regulation the score was tied once more. We started overtime only to finish knotted up again. A 2nd overtime began, but a winner still could not be decided! Both teams decided to finish in a draw as we had exhausted all our players and were running out of gym time. It was a long, grueling day of rugby, but we all know how how much those days can be!

Unfortunately, St Louis was the only chance we got to play in a sanctioned tournament this season. We looked into hosting a tournament, but with limited funds we were unable to do so. We also, lost out on an opportunity to play in a couple tournaments close by, but we look forward to playing more next season, and continuing to grow this amazing sport in the KC area! We also are making it a priority to get to a tournament with a classification panel. Thank you to all those who have given us assistance, advice, and shared their knowledge to help us get our program up and going!

Tony Durham #4 (KC Revolution)

March 18, 2016 — 5:12am