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Dead website?

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posted 2/25/16 - 9:51 am

I'd like to take a second to comment on the death of this website. Since when has it become the standard to post all the latest news and happenings on facebook? It is just flat out ridiculous to expect everyone who wants to know what's going on with our league to have an active facebook account. Just take a second and check out the scoreboard with no scores or results on it, pretty sweet! Here we are at the end of February and unless you have an active facebook account you have no clue our league is even active. I like how you can't even see the current newsletter on our own website, Bravo! Is it laziness, is it lack of interest, or is the website that terribly hard to update and manage? We talk about these issues every year at the AGM, and nothing is ever done. Nobody ever gets fined or suspended from post season. It seems we've become a league that functions way too similarly to our own government. We pick and choose which rules we want to enforce and when we want to enforce them, basically who we want to enforce them against. We created the rules through years of experience with running into issues we are again facing on a major scale on our current USQRA. Hey but let's face it maybe 10% of the people in the league will even see this post on this DEAD website. R.I.P. USQRA.org. You are defiantly missed.


posted 2/26/16 - 12:11 pm


I think we all know that our website needs to be the face of our association and a new website remains our biggest opportunity/needed improvement. I've heard many rumors about building a new one, however like most things it takes the time and money we don't appear to have. It should be our #1 priority

That being said, social media like twitter, facebook, instagram, etc... are effective communication platforms and marketing tools that are most commonly used these days and should be part of our branding.

Lastly in some defense, I heard (thru social media) that there were some functional issues with the website that were preventing it from being updated?? Also last year we did finally see some teams fined and several players suspended from play at Nationals. However accountability and consequences remain an opportunity, but I'm optimistic that it will get better

"Not dead yet"