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Player's Corner

Don't get caught with your pants down! Know the rules.

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posted 4/29/08 - 11:32 am

Contrary to popular belief, according to the IWRF rules there is NO RULE concerning the rear of the main wheels making first contact if pushed back against a wall. I believe this was an old USQRA rule and unfortunately some refs. are still trying enforcing it. I am NOT refering here to ARTICLE 27. ANTI-TIP DEVICES.

Do to a large number of our customers that requested a deeper seat back brace to allow them to sack out the upholstery more, we have made the deeper brace standard on all our chairs. We have had quite a few of those customers calling to say the refs. are calling their chairs illegal.

It would be wise for all teams to both know the rules, and have a copy available at all times. It's your responsibility (and the refs.) to know the rules.


posted 4/29/08 - 3:11 pm

Chair width

Section 4, Wheelchair, Article 23. Width

"There is no maximum width of wheelchair.
No point on the wheelchair may extend in width beyond the widest point of the push rims."

The bottom edge of the "flush mount" spoke guards are considered to be "the widest part of the push rims".  Measured perpendicular to the floor, they must extend out beyond the tire or at least as far.

You high pointers might want to check yours.



posted 5/1/08 - 7:51 am

Chair Width

Great point Bob, If the Refs. start checking chair width, there are going to be alot of upset players! We checked our Offensive spoke guards, which use a standard 3/4" push rim, and with 18 degrees of camber there is only a 1/4" gap at the tire.

Be wise guy's and check your chairs.

Tom Vesco


ElevenX's picture

posted 11/25/08 - 12:28 pm

Chair back support bar issue

We're still being told by top level refs (both US and international) that if the back bar extends beyond the rear wheels after Dec 31, our chairs will be ruled illegal.  This is as recently as last week.

If this is the case, there are a lot of chairs ot there that need some TLC.  How do we get an official position on this issue so we know whether or not to send them to the welder?