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Sanctions Imposed for Code of Conduct Violation

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The commissioner’s office has imposed sanctions against Donnie Owen of the Ohio Buckeye Blitz for a code of conduct violation.

The official report indicates that, after receiving a technical foul, Mr. Owen was verbally abusive to a referee, leading to ejection from the game.  His team evicted him from the building when he threatened violence toward the official who stepped in to calm the situation. 

“In sports, you will often encounter official decisions that you don’t agree with” said commissioner Dave Mengyan. “Yet there is no excuse for threats of violence toward an official - or anyone else at a Rugby tournament.  Referees donate several weekends every season to support our passion.  They deserve our respect and admiration, not threats.”

Mr. Owen has expressed remorse to the commissioner and his rugby program, ASPO, who are addressing the situation internally.  In addition, the commissioner has suspended Mr. Owen for the remainder of the season.  He was also notified that a second incident may result in permanent expulsion from the league.

February 6, 2016 — 10:00am