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2015 Connecticut Classic Wheelchair Rugby Tournament Summary

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2015 Connecticut Classic Wheelchair Rugby Tournament Summary

On Saturday December 5th and Sunday December 6th, the 2015 Connecticut Classic Wheelchair Rugby Tournament was held at Chapter 126 Sports & Fitness in Bristol Connecticut, hosted by the Connecticut Jammers and the Sports Association of Gaylord Hospital. The teams of this tough sport, originally known as Murderball, came from across the Northeast. The wheelchair rugby tournament teams included the Philadelphia Eagles from Pennsylvania with coach Micheal Nacci, the Global Abilities Fury from Maryland with coach AJ Nanayakkara, the Northeast Passage Wildcats from New Hampshire with coach Chandler Bullard and the Connecticut Jammers from Connecticut with coach Wil Kornegay.

The intense game of wheelchair rugby is a team sport for athletes with a disability. Many wheelchair rugby players are quadriplegic as the rules require that players must have a disability that affects all or a portion of both the upper and lower extremities. Wheelchair rugby is a mixed sport, with men and women competing on the same teams and is played indoors on a hardwood court of the same measurements as a regulation basketball court. Much like able-bodied rugby matches, highly competitive wheelchair rugby games are fluid and fast-moving with possession of the ball switching back and forth between the teams while teams continue trying to make a goal.

The first game of the 2015 Connecticut Classic Wheelchair Rugby Tournament was between the Connecticut Jammers and Global Abilities. The teams warmed up the court around 9:00am and the game officially took off at 9:30 with a bang! The loud sound of the wheelchairs colliding into one another, the intense passing of the ball back and forth between the players and the court filled with spectators made for a great start of the first game; Global Abilities Fury winning with 53 points and Connecticut Jammers with 22 points. As the two day wheelchair rugby event took place the results of the tournament ended with Global Abilities Fury taking first place, Northeast Passage Wildcats taking second, the Philadelphia Eagles taking third, and the Connecticut Jammers in fourth place. For the post-season standings, the Global Abilities Fury and the Connecticut Jammers had to forfeit due to guest players making Northeast Passage Wildcats the official first place team.

December 29, 2015 — 2:01am