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posted 12/15/15 - 1:56 am

I'm starting the process of putting together a player clinic and I would like any advice or feedback. Who would be interested? What dates would be ideal? I would like to bring in someone to help run the clinic. Who would be the best person to bring in? Again I'm in the very early stages and just wanting to start a discussion.


posted 12/15/15 - 12:43 pm

Please email the VP1 at

Please email the VP1 at VP1usqra@gmail.com.

He would be happy to talk to you about hosting a clinic..


posted 1/4/16 - 4:23 pm

Current email?

anyone got a different email or VP one? I tried the one listed here, and I've tried to one listed in the contact section. The gmail account comes back is not in service, do you ask you are a account I've emailed a few times and never got a response. Any help getting info would be appreciated.