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Sanctions Imposed

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ISSUE:  Several players participated in the post season (SECTIONALS) without having their qualifying games in.
ACTIONS:  All teams were reviewed and asked to assist in clarifying where games were not readily available.
RULING:  The board is not responsible for telling players not to attend a tournament for which they are not eligible.  All players and coaches are aware of the requirement to get in games before and after Dec 1.  A team taking an ineligible player to a post season tournament is a blatant disregard for this rule.
Each team has been given the opportunity to assist with the documentation of the players listed above.  The commissioner finds the following teams in violation of Article I, Section 2c (games missing before or after Dec 1):

  • Sharp Edge
    • Jake Likich (before)
  • Tampa
    • Steve Servis (before)
    • Ryan Kress (before)
    • Ryan Lidstrom (before)
  • U of A Wildcats
    • Troy Davis  (after)
    • Pete Padilla  (after)


All teams will be fined $500 for each player.  All players in question and the players will be suspended for 2 games @ their next USQRA sanctioned tournament.

APPEAL:  Any team/player wishing to contest these finding must contact the commissioner with information that documents the games not credited.  And if you hope to participate @ nationals, you need to do it this week.
Appeal for any other reason should be in written form (email is fine) directed to president@quadrugby.com.  Make your case in it’s entirety.  The board may or may not ask follow up questions before making their decision.

Tampa appealed the ruling of the commissioner, arguing that the penalty was too harsh.  The board upheld the commissioner's decision.

March 27, 2015 — 10:00am