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Richard Cartwright Memorial Tournament

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Richard Cartwright Memorial Tournament
January 24-25th, 2015
California State University, Sacramento
Host: Sierra Storm
Sponsors: Ability Center, Access Leisure Sacramento, Paralympic Sports Sacramento, Hilton Garden Inn

Sierra Storm hosted it’s 2nd tournament of the season at Sacramento State University’s student recreational center, The WELL. Teams attending were Sierra Storm, NorCal Quakes, San Diego Sharp, Portland Pounders, and the Northridge Knights.

NorCal beat Northridge by 23 points to start the tournament off. Next up San Diego beat Portland with a final of 53-63. Sierra started their day off with a win against Northridge, winning by 14 points. The next game was Nor Cal pulling out a win against Portland. The 6th and final game of the day was an exciting one to watch. Sierra and San Diego were tied going into the 2nd quarter 12-12. By the half San Diego had gained 3 points on Sierra. In the 3rd quarter San Diego continued their lead, got some turn overs and by the end of the third was up by 6 points. Sierra came out in the 4th quarter with something to prove, with less than one minute left, Sierra had gained 5 points back on their score and San Diego was leading 55-54 with 47 seconds left. San Diego and Sierra both scored, and San Diego had possession at the end of the game. Sierra tried to force a turn over to tie the game, but just couldn’t pull it off. San Diego scored with 9 seconds left and won by two 57-55.

Sunday games started at an early 8:30 AM. Sierra started with another win against Portland 54-67. Next up was another tight and exciting game between NorCal and San Diego. After the 1st quarter San Diego was up 2 points and 4 points by the half. Nor Cal was able to gain a point and by the end of the 3rd, the score was 37-40 in San Diego’s favor. Coming into the 4th San Diego scored three points before Nor Cal scored, but Nor Cal was able to force some turnovers and bring it back to only a three point spread by the end of the game. San Diego won 52-49. Next Portland was able to pull off their first win of the tournament against Northridge, with a final score of 51-66.

The next game, Sierra Storm Vs Nor Cal Quakes, was a rivalry game. The winner of this game would get to keep what we call the “Chard Cup”. It’s a trophy passed between the two teams every year. Winner keeps the cup until next year’s “Chard Cup Challenge” in memory of our dear friend, Richard Cartwright, who left us way too early. This was the 3rd annual Chard Cup Challenge. The first year, Sierra proudly won. But Quake came back with a vengeance last year, and Sierra had to give up possession of the coveted cup. So this year Sierra had something to prove.

Quake scored the first point, then Sierra matched it. Sierra forced a turnover and gained a point on the Quakes. It was a point for point match up with a minute and 34 seconds left in the first quarter. Sierra forced a few turnovers with less than a minute left and gained three points with a 15-12 lead at the end of the quarter. Sierra continued playing strong and had a 5 point lead by the end of the 1st half. The quakes came into the 3rd quarter strong and were able to gain a point on Sierra with only a 4 point spread with Sierra up 44-40 at the end of the 3rd. By the 4th quarter both teams were pretty tired, but they didn’t let that stop their play. Both teams fought hard, Quake forced some turn overs by the end of the 4th and brought the score within 3 by the end of the game. Sierra won the Chard Cup with a final score of 55-58.

The last game of the weekend was between San Diego and Northridge. San Diego was not playing with their whole roster, as some of them had to head to the airport to catch some early flights. San Diego won 36-38 to end the weekend.

Final Results:
1st Place – San Diego Sharp
2nd Place – Sierra Storm
3rd Place – Nor Cal Quakes
4th Place – Portland Pounders
5th Place – Northridge Knights

Best in Class:
0.5 - Jason Rieger, San Diego
1.0 – Earl Bowser, Nor Cal
1.5 – Joey Mearig, Northridge
2.0 – Levi Bohon, Sierra
2.5 – Terri Nelson, Northridge
3.0 – Jeff Odom, San Diego
3.5 – Dwayne Nystrom, Sierra
MVP – Andy Edmondson, Sierra

January 26, 2015 — 5:09am