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Iron Rumble Report

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The Milwaukee Iron hosted their 11th annual rugby tournament November 9 and 10. The weather was great.  It was brisk but not cold.  There were six teams in attendance.  Each team played 5-6 games each.  The tournament started with St Louis beating Grand Rapids and Milwaukee beating Omaha.  The second set of games included 2 very tough games.  Minnesota pulled off a win over St Louis by a tough 5 points 53-48. And The Chicago Bears had a close game with Omaha winning 48-43.  The next set of games was Milwaukee over Chicago and Minnesota over Grand Rapids.  The final round of games St. Louis beat Omaha, Milwaukee beat Grand Rapids, and Minnesota beat Chicago.

Sunday was another good day of games.  Many teams played 3 games again. Milwaukee Iron starts the day 3-0, St Louis is 2-1, and Minnesota is 3-0.  The morning starts by Minnesota beating Omaha and St Louis beating Chicago.  Then Milwaukee plays against Minnesota.  It started out close with a 4-4 score but Milwaukee was unable to continue to keep up with the very fast Minnesota team.  Other games were St Louis over Milwaukee, and Grand Rapids over Omaha.  The day winds up with the game for 1st and 2nd (Minnesota vs St Louis) and the game for 3rd and 4th(Milwaukee vs Chicago) Minnesota beat St Louis 53-44 and Milwaukee beat Chicago 60-29. 

The Milwaukee Iron would like to thank everyone who helped make the tournament possible.  As every team knows without volunteers and support staff there would be no rugby.  The volunteers and support staff cleaned all of the floors and helped clean up after the tournament.  We are blessed and truly thankful for the support. 
December 18, 2013 — 11:27am