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Team Force - Player and Staff Announcement

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Team Force Tryouts- Players and Staff Announcement

The USQRA is pleased to announce the players and staff who have been invited to attend the Team Force tryouts October 23-26, 2013 at the Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham, AL. Coach Ceruti and the rest of the selection committee are very pleased with the amount of talent coming in for this year’s tryout and look forward to selecting the best team possible. The team that will be selected will be the team for the remainder of the 2013 season, as well as the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

Ronnie Adams, Brooks Bandits
Clayton Brackett- St Louis
Cj Brown- Texas Stampede
Mark Browne- Sharp Edge
Kevin Crombie- Indy Brawlers
Jarrett Dreyer- New York Warriors
Ryan Engelby- MN North Stars
Lee Frederette- New York Warriors
Nathan Harmon- Shepherd Smash
Harley Hendrix- Carolina Crash
Chris Holcomb- South Florida Rattlers
Chris Hull- Brooks Bandits
Eric Ingram- TIRR Texans
Joe Jackson- Phoenix Heat
Talbot Kennedy- Shepherd Smash
Cody Kingsland- Brooks Bandits
Ryan Kress- Tampa Generals
Josh O’Neill- Brooks Bandits
Michael Peacoack- TIRR Texans
Daniel Pitaluga- South Florida Rattlers
Scott Pope- Nor Cal Quake
Steve Reisenbixhler- St Louis
Matt Richardson- Tampa Generals
Jamal Saxton- Buckeye Blitz
Justin Scott- Houston
Brandon Summerville- Indy Brawlers
Mason Symons- Texas Stampede
Joe Testaverde- New York Warriors
Tim Vixay- Las Vegas Renegades
Andy Yelicie- DC Capitol Punishers
Stephen Zuravel- Buckeye Blitz

Karen Bauthier
Janet Dickinson
Kris Gratias
Callie Martin
Thomas Watson
Charles Wood


September 7, 2013 — 1:00pm