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WIth Every Closed Door Another One Opens

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If you hang around long enough things repeat themselves. Good players come, some stay and some go. For the Stampede it has never been a “we have lost a player that their departure in of itself devastates the team” but instead a “let’s reload and continue to be the best we can be” attitude, its what drives us.

Former members litter conversations of glory days. The words legends, athletes of the year and future hall of famers are often used. Names like Lyduch, Zupan, Updegrove, Pate, Hogsett, Gilliland, Kearley, Boothby, Gustafson, Krows, and many others have all donned the burnt orange. Each member over the years has left their mark and helped to develop the history of the team.

There were the lean years with Slaymaker and Honl and the humor times of Saul, Cachette, Estralla, and Ramos. We tried so hard in 97 to get everyone on the same page. Menard, Adams and yes myself couldn’t quite figure out how to completely get it done. Bailey, Odom and Beck added balance and heart, and who could forget the years of Garcia, Garcia, Huizar, Hernandez, and Legnon. There was Fries, Bearden, Burton and Cogar who did more with less and Crider and yes Carlton - always were a presence. The missing link then and over the years that has added that kick to the squad was the imports.

Tinker and Leefe got it started and the players who followed are/were listed as starters for national teams around the world. Collins, Verhagen, Vanacker, Johansson, Ito, Nakazato, Diasuke, Shimakawa and now Bond have all improved the team and made us a more complete side ready to challenge for a championship.

None of these athletes would have ever been able to roll on the court without the help of our staff. Big Daddy Kirt, Brit, Carolyn, The Becks, The Cogars, Papa Fry, Ki, Jim, Ray, Red, Bob, Ken, Katie M, Katie S, Chloe, Bethany, Leigh, Pascal, Yasu, Hiro, Regina and Kelly

TV shows, Commercials, Movies, and National Championships are not just a dream but expected of the Stampede. Those ideals have been passed down to the next athletes that are poised to make a statement. Groff, Shryock and Butler are now the leads.

Over the past year the Stampede has compiled an impressive 25-7 record, winning the St Louis Crazy 8 tournament, the Demolition Derby, and 2 Texas Cups. The team has added depth with Curtis and Symons to support members Brown, Garcia, Gallegos, and Whittaker. No team is complete without a dedicated staff. Shawn Meredith, Lyndsey Waddell, Callie Martin and Kelly Gumbert have been there through it all.

I am certain we have left out some people, to those we say thanks for all you’ve done. What started out as a dream with Nick Price continues to change lives. As the team prepares to take the next step this season we want to say THANK YOU to all the sponsors, families, friends, players and staff past and present that have helped to shape, develop, teach, and support. We are so much better because of each of you.

March 25, 2013 — 1:00pm