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The Renegades

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The Las Vegas Renegades developed over the summer of 2012 hoping to compete against the top teams in the Pacific Section. The new team consists of Dave Mengyan, Eric Chase, Austin Cogar, Mike Schacherbauer, Tim Vixay, Connor Morris and Coach Chris Cook.

The Renegades started their season 10-0, sweeping tournaments in Seattle and Grand Rapids. With two first place trophies and a couple of individual awards,  the team was anxious for Best of the West in November. With a quick visit to Vesco Metal Craft for some tires and a professional fix-it job we looked forward to the challenge the next morning. Coming in as the underdog, the team struggled with the DI competition. They played several tough games but couldn't match up with the seasoned teams and their team dynamics. Best of the West was a great weekend but it showed this new squad that they had a lot of work to do before they can compete against the top teams in the nation. With two of the team's players living in Michigan all the team's tournaments have to double as practices.

In Denver the Renegades came together as a team and worked out some of the issues they faced over the season. They put up a great fight against Tampa but didn't have the team speed to stop their import, Leevi Ylonen. Game Two
against U of A went to overtime, where a hit from behind caused a turnover for the Wildcats and allowed the Renegades to grab the game winner. Austin Cogar, Eric Chase and Mike Schacherbauer referred to the coaching and plays they learned from USQRA Force and Team USA to finish the job.

Denver's A Squad was another great battle. Jason Regier and Adam Scaturro led the Harlequins through a mistake-free first quarter but the Renegades held within one point. Back and forth, neither team led by more than two until the
final minutes. In the end, Denver wore down the Renegades and finished the job. The team channeled their frustration from this loss to crush Northridge and Denver B in the final two games, finishing third overall. As a new team, they're excited about their potential and look forward to a super
competitive Sectional tournament in Seattle.

February 19, 2013 — 2:50pm