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Quad Rugby "hits” Chicago

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Quad Rugby "hits” Chicago
Four teams began playing the 2013 RIC Wirtz Rugby Tournament Saturday, January 26 through Sunday, January 27. The competitors in this tournament were: RIC (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) Bears, Grand Rapids Thunder, Milwaukee Iron, and the Minnesota North Stars.
The tourney began Saturday morning with Grand Rapids Thunder versus the Chicago Bears, and the Bears taking the victory 47-37. As the competition built, the Milwaukee Iron faced the Minnesota North Stars. After four grueling periods the Iron took the victory over the North Stars with a score of 45-36.

After a short lunch break, back on the court was the Milwaukee Iron facing the Thunder. The Thunder putting up a good fight, but it ended up not being quite enough to beat the Iron, who took the victory with a score of 56-40.
The fourth game of the day ended up being a great one between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota North Stars. It went back-and-forth for at least the first half neither team could seem to gain a decisive lead, but with a few turnovers and a few blows of the whistle, Minnesota ended up winning over the Chicago Bears with a score of 54-45.
After a tough loss Chicago Bears were going to face stiff competition against the Milwaukee Iron. The first period was anybody's game, but the Milwaukee Iron showing their strength ended up pulling out a good lead for the second half of the game. Milwaukee ended up winning over Chicago with a score of 52-36. The final game of Saturday, January 26 was between the Thunder and the North Stars. Minnesota would need to clinch the victory in order to have a shot at the championship game. Grand Rapids came out firing great passes and working together, but it just wasn't enough to beat the North Stars. Minnesota showed some dominance and the final score was 34-22.
Sunday, January 27 was the final day of the 2013 WIRTZ tournament. The second game was thought to be a repeat of the last game yesterday between Grand Rapids and Minnesota. This was not the case, as shortly into the game Minnesota team had to pull out one of their starters and put in a newcomer to the sport in order to continue to play. The Thunder felt the momentum; they continued to play very hard and with the rotation of fresh players were able to hang with the North Stars right up until the final few seconds in the game. The North Stars had everyone on the edge of their seat. Anticipating overtime or a possible loss, the North Stars never gave up and pulled out a victory by one point with a final score of 50-49. Playing for third and fourth place was a fierce battle between the Chicago and Grand Rapids. It was a great game as the whistle blew, but the Thunder just couldn't shake the grip of the Bears. The Bears took a third-place victory with a final score of 50-37.
The championship game was between the undefeated Milwaukee Iron and the Minnesota North Stars. The North Stars wanted badly to redeem themselves and get the victory. The Iron were going to do everything in their power to not let that happen. The first period was a back-and-forth battle, with mistakes by both teams and as penalties were called and whistles blew, it was anybody's game. With a few mistakes from the North Stars, Milwaukee started to pull into the lead. As that happened they had a tragedy, one of their starters was pulled out due to a severe hand injury. The Iron stayed very strong however, and came together as a team, and earned a first-place finish with a final score of 53-39. Milwaukee Iron were the champions of the 2013 WI RTZ Chicago tournament.
 A huge thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors that helped the RIC Bears put on a very well ran tournament and to the Minnesota North Stars for co-hosting such a great event!!
February 11, 2013 — 2:20am