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2012 Heartland Super Sectionals

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2012 Heartland Super Sectionals
Super Sectionals lived up to its name during the Heartland Sectional tournament, as twelve teams were hosted for the tournament at the student recreation center on the campus of Southern Illinois University- Carbondale. The St. Louis Rugby Rams and SIU-C hosted the Heartland Sectional for the second year in a row. 
With the departure of TNT from the Heartland South, restructuring the Heartland was on the table this season. In the end, the restructuring didn’t officially happen and the teams from Ohio didn’t attend sectionals. The controversial transfer rule came in to effect once again in the Heartland and the North Dallas Cowboys and U of A Wildcats flew in to St. Louis and endured a 2 hour plus commute to the gym on Thursday and Sunday. The Jackson Jags returned to post season play this season after a 2 year absence. 
For three days the teams played tough rugby, and contended with the unseasonably warm temperatures in southern Illinois that made the gym a bit of a pressure cooker.  After the first round of pool play, 3 of the 4 slots to nationals were taken by St. Louis, Lakeshore and Minnesota, leaving the qualifying pool of Michigan, Indy and North Texas to battle it out for the 4th and final spot.  In the end the crew from Michigan was too much for Indy and North Texas to handle, so Michigan won out to take the 4th place position. The interlopers from North Texas and U of A finished 6th and 7th beating out several of the Heartland teams.
The championship pool of Lakeshore, Minnesota and St. Louis battled to determine who should be crowned champion. #8 Lakeshore and #7 St. Louis overpowered Minnesota and met on Sunday to determine the champion. Lakeshore, with their team of experienced veterans and Japanese import Shin Nakazato played more disciplined than the St. Louis host and upset the Rams to earn the 1st place trophy.
SIU-C’s Kathy Hollister and her crew of workers were busy every night at the end of play cleaning the floors to make them sparkle for the next day and doing a host of other thankless tasks—we would like to thank them for their efforts and allowing us to use an amazing facility. Special thanks also go to Paraquad, Inc. Independent living center and The Reisenbichler family who donated transportation to the teams from North Texas and U of A. And that transportation couldn’t have happened without our dedicated drivers Tony Smith and Guan Hollins who stayed in Carbondale all weekend to transport the teams around town. Finally, thank you to “Pops” Melton for making not one, but two trips to the welders. One of those trips beginning at 4am to get the player back in time to play.
Thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers that helped make the event a success. Our sponsors: the ROHO group, United Access, MC Industrial, St. Louis Wheelchair Athletic Association, United Seating and Mobility, Ride, KWA Constructors, Southern Bus and Mobility, Progressive, St. Louis Sportswear, Midwest Equipment Company and Therapeutic Specialties. Thanks also to Melrose USA for donating a wheel bag for auction at the tournament and Fusion Medical for donating all tournament gifts.
Tournament Awards
.05 – Matt Reynolds, Texas Cowboys
1.0 – Andy Zimmer, Michigan
1.5 – Kevin Crombie-Indy
2.0 – Ryan Engelby-Minnesota
2.5 – Kyle Peterson-Minnesota
3.0 – Delvin McMillian-Lakeshore
3.5 – Dave Mengyan-Michigan
 MVP – Eric Newby-St. Louis
Final Standings
1.       Lakeshore Demolition
2.       St. Louis Rugby Rams
3.       Minnesota North Stars
4.       Michigan Storm
5.       RHI Indy Brawlers
6.       North Texas Cowboys
7.       University of Arizona Wildcats
8.       Pittsburgh Steelwheelers
9.       Chicago Bears
10.   Milwaukee Iron
11.   Grand Rapids Thunder
12. Jackson Jags

Chuck Melton (#22) goes airborne after a hit by Del McMillian (#5).

Eric Newby (#9) tries to make a move past Andy Burton.
Eric Newby (#9) is surrounded by Del McMillian (5), Willard Brooks (50) and Shin Nakazato (24).
Del McMillian (#5) and Mike Schamburg (#0) chase down a loose ball.
May 14, 2012 — 7:49am