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Statement concerning Tucson

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Statement Concerning Tucson

The Tucson Pterodactyls attended and played in the 2012 Mountain Sectionals (a sanctioned event) with an improperly rostered athlete. They did not pay the fee for their international player until April 2. This athlete was not discovered to be ineligible until after the Sectionals had been completed.

As a result all the games that the player participated in are considered a forfeit. This athlete played in all of Tucson's games at Mountain Sectionals. There were three teams at the Mountain Sectionals, so Tucson advanced to Nationals despite their forfeits. There is recent precedent for this: Utah forfeited a game at Sectionals last year and was allowed to advance to Nationals with penalties.

The Commissioner ruled that sanctions be imposed. Tucson filed an appeal with the Board of Directors. The Board and two RACs voted 5 – 1 with 1 not voting that the ruling be upheld and sanctions be enforced.

The sanctions are:

• The improperly rostered athlete will not be eligible for Nationals this year


• A two game suspension from postseason on the coach/team manager


• A fine


• Tucson’s seeding would drop to the 8th seed overall in Division I.
April 13, 2012 — 7:08pm