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Post Season (In)Eligibility

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posted 2/28/12 - 5:22 am

Who all got hosed by the added enforcement of "a player must play in at least two games after December 1st" this year? We lost two of our starters and another team in our region lost their subs for this year's post season.


posted 2/28/12 - 11:13 am


You might want to check the bylaws on what is required of a player to be eligible.

Reference Bylaws Article I, Section 2, Paragraph e)


For purposes of determining the eligibility of a player to participate in postseason, an official game is defined as follows:
1. A player must play on his or her officially rostered USQRA team, the game must consist of four eight minute quarters, must be officiated by at least one certified USQRA official, must have a scorekeeper and a penalty box keeper. Score sheets from the game must be submitted to the Commissioner within fourteen days. The games must be with at least one other officially rostered USQRA team.
2. The player must be present, in a legally measured playing chair and in legal uniform for the duration of the game. Team representatives for both teams may be questioned by the Commissioner to confirm official participation.
NOTE: A player does not have to physically check into the game in order to officially play in a game.




posted 2/29/12 - 3:19 pm

Bylaws are so Fun

Hey Bob I think darthBMW may be speaking about a different bylaw than the one you referenced in your post. The language he uses seems to be more appropriate to:

Reference Bylaws Article I, Section 2, Paragraph c)

Section 2 Requirements of rostered players

c) Each player will play two games before December 1 and an additional two games before the beginning of postseason. Postseason is defined as the beginning of Regional play throughout the Association.” All players must have played in two games with their rostered teams except for extenuating circumstances which may be brought before the Executive Committee.

The question he is raising is speaking to the requirement that two games MUST be played between Dec 1 and the beginning of postseason by a rostered player to be eligible for postseason play.

This is my situation and understanding of the Bylaw:

I played in five games in each of two tournaments this season, New York October 14 – 15 and Pittsburgh November 12 – 13. As you can see I met the “play two games before December 1” requirement on Saturday October 14. Then on the first day of November 12 in Pittsburgh I met the “…and an additional two games before the beginning of postseason.” requirement to be eligible for postseason play.

Some may say the Intent takes precedent over a Bylaw. The minutes reflect that the Bylaw was created to require teams with international players to have to play another tournament at two different times in the regular season to curb the use of international players. Our team has no international players so intent has no standing.

Some may say the interpretation of the Bylaw is that it “means” after Dec 1 and before the beginning of postseason play. USQRA Bylaws allow for an Interpretation when two Bylaws are in conflict, there is no conflict between two bylaws.

Then there is"Article VII, Section 2 (a) Words will be given their commonly accepted meaning" remaining as the only test on which an appeal can be judged. The commonly accepted meaning of “…and an additional two games before the beginning of postseason” is a simple straight forward statement.

Well I have found out that I am gravely mistaken and that in fact the Bylaw does clearly state that two games must be played between Dec 1 and the beginning of postseason play.

The above was my position for an appeal to the USQRA Board on the Commissioners assessment that the Bylaw states that two games must be played between Dec 1 and the beginning of postseason. My appeal was denied and the Commissioners assessment upheld. I followed the written appeals process and lost, it is what it is.

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posted 2/29/12 - 8:04 pm

Punisher8 gets it

Kimball is exactly right. My biggest issue is that this is the first year they are enforcing it like this. To the best of my recollection, the rule wasn't changed last year...


posted 3/1/12 - 9:05 am


I am sorry to hear that players will be missing post season play due to missing a deadline.

The "two games must be played after a certain date yet before post season" bylaw has been in place for at least twelve years.

It has always been enforced and deadline notices for this type of cutoff are routinely included in the newsletter and often reminders are posted on this site as these deadlines approach.

The difference this season is the actual date of games played before and after.  The date was moved from December 15 to Decembet 1.

Team representatives and RACs should be on top of these critical dates to ensure unfortunate events like this don't occur.  The BoD, of which I am no longer a member, has made a valid effort to keep players and team representatives informed of all player and team deadlines.



posted 3/1/12 - 12:41 pm


...never mind, I'm clearly wrong and this changes nothing.

I need to get a few more things done at the office before going to practice to give the Eligibles a live practice dummy. Maybe see who's running a little to much air pressure in those mains - all of my fellow "lows" know what I'm talking about.


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posted 11/3/17 - 5:14 pm

post season qualifing

Tracy R. Lewis
I was out with a pressure sore and was not able to participate in the Reno Rumble Tournament on October 28. My team does not have another tournament scheduled until December 20 in Houston. Therefore, I will not have my 2 games in by Dec. 1. I want to be able to qualify for the post season tournaments. Can I present a doctor's note clarifying that I could not go at the time, but I am now released for the rest of the season. Please contact me at rosedragonfly1@q.com.

Thank you for your assistance.