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Murderball in Michigan Tournament results

The Michigan Storm hosted their tournament over the weekend of December 3rd-4th in Cereal City USA, Battle Creek Michigan. Those who made the trip up in the snow were St. Louis, Minnesota, London, Ontario and Grand Rapids Thunder.

 The St. Louis Rams brought their A Team and proved they all have been practicing hard and have progressively built a stronger team since last year. Chuck Melton along with Newby and Schamburg are perfect examples of what Team USQRA Force can do for this sport.

 Minnesota showed up surprising everyone by their speed and great defense this year. Kyle Peterson their 2.5 is a completely different player in his new chair, "keep your eye on this kid!" Minnesota is the new team to beat in the Heartland for the Michigan Storm after a tough 1 point loss last year in Regional's.

 London, Ontario brought their B squad but still battled it out with each team here. Their mid-point line is always tough to run against and they never gave up in the game against Michigan.  We appreciate London's support over the past couple years for coming to several Heartland Tournaments which brings more competition to the game for all of us.

 The newly developed Grand Rapids Thunder showed they have improved from last year also. This team has come a long way in a year and they definitly showed team unity and a competeive edge at this tournament.

 The Michigan Storm with their new coach Joe Bongovanni is fine tuning this team. Getting rid of old habits and bringing a new edge to our game is exactly what Michigan needs. Joe a 9 year retired high school football coach and physical trainer for disabled athletes, has learned the game fast and is developing each of us individually to play our roles instinctively. 

 The Full Blast Gym was a great facility with just a push across the street from the Hotel. This made it easier for everyone and we hope to host another tournament here again soon! 

The Battle Creek Men's Rugby Team came out and watched and volunteered to which was a huge help! They ended up cleaning the floors so good on Sunday that the Gym Manager didn't even know we were there! 

The Michigan Storm wants to thank all the teams who showed up and played hard to make this a fun weekend. Thank you to all the donors, sponsors, and fans who all showed up! 

We all hope that you come back again soon to play Murderball in the Mitten!
Eric Chase
#3 Michigan Storm

December 8, 2011 — 10:20am