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Wildcats Rugby Rampage V

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Northeast Passage Wildcats

Rugby Rampage V
The 5th Annual Wildcats Rugby Rampage took place over the October 12th – 13th weekend and was by all accounts the best Rugby Rampage to date! Eight teams from across the US and Canada took to the courts to do battle in what turned out to be a very competitive weekend.
Competition took place on two of the three beautiful hardwood courts at the Hamel Rec Center on the University of New Hampshire Campus. Teams from Quebec, Texas, Ontario, Arizona, New York & Connecticut came to New Hampshire to play with two NEP Wildcat Teams from Northern New England. Games started at 9:30 sharp with the U of A Wildcats taking on the NEP Wildcats A team. Competition was fierce but the local Wildcats seemed to be having a pretty slow start. They did hang in and gave UofA a run but in the end the visiting Wildcats came out on top with a 39-30 victory.
On the other Court Team Quebec was putting a pounding on the Connecticut Jammers. The Jammers gave it their best but were no match for the experience of the Quebec team. Final score 52-11. Play continued with Ottawa taking on NEP Wildcats B and the New York Warriors battling with Texas. Both teams from the East took a serious beating but gave it their best. Scores were Ottawa vs. Wildcats B 45-5 and Warriors vs. Texas 0-1.
Quick note: the New York Warriors showed up with only 3 players due to “technical difficulties” so players from other teams filled in the gaps. The Warriors were troopers sticking it out and having fun even though all their games were forfeited. True sportsmen of the game!
Play continued throughout the afternoon with Quebec squeaking out a victory over the Wildcats A team who showed up a little more energetic for this game. The score was close through 3 quarters of play but Quebec got the upper hand and held it in the 4th and finished with a 43-37 victory.  Arizona breezed over the CT Jammers with a 52-25 victory and NEP Wildcats B took the forfeit win over the NY Warriors 1-0.
The bigger battles of the day were Ottawa vs. Texas and Quebec vs. Arizona.  Both games were very competitive and scores were close but the Ottawa Stingers put the bite on Texas with a 38-26 victory and Arizona fell to Quebec with a final score of 41-37.
The other three games of the afternoon were a bit lop-sided with NEP Wildcats A beating the CT Jammers 47-23, Ottawa taking the forfeit victory over the NY Warriors 1-0 and Texas crushing the NEP Wildcats B team 53-8. The days games wrapped up by 6:30.
Sunday started off with back-to-back slug fests! Because both Arizona and Texas needed to leave early to catch flights, the Championship games were played first. Vying for 1st & 2nd, our friends from the North took to the court to battle Canadian style! Ottawa & Quebec have met many times before but the victory went to Ottawa this time as Quebec fell to their painful sting 44-31. Playing for 3rd & 4th.  Texas & Arizona were at it on the other court with Texas winning 44-31.
Originally only scheduled to play 4 games each because of early departure times, the NEP crew juggled the schedule around to allow Texas and Arizona opportunities to compete against their Canadian rivals in cross over match-ups.  Quebec fell to Texas after putting up a great fight with a score of 41-35 and Ottawa sent the UofA Wildcats packing with a 44-24 loss to the Stingers. Connecticut and New York played a friendly match-up with both teams working hard but New York won (unofficially) with its rag-tag team of rugby stand-in’s.
The final game of the tournament was a match-up between home town players. The NEP Wildcats split their team evenly and had an epic battle on the court. The score was close and the competition fierce but in the end, the Wildcats won. 33-27 (which Wildcat team won doesn’t really matter) :)
The Wildcats Rugby Rampage is quickly becoming a sought-after DII/Developmental tournament to attend. With 8 teams this year, an International flavor and 3 potential other teams waiting in the wings, this tournament could possibly open up to a 3 day 10 team event. The staff at Northeast Passage does an excellent job with planning and event coordination and for the first time was able to provide transportation from two Regional airports. Ride-Away provided two vans for airport pickups and several players and the staff at NEP provided hotel/gym shuttle service.
A big Thank You goes out to all those who helped out!! Another very successful Rugby Rampage is in the history book!
November 15, 2011 — 2:21pm