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Reno Rumble

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The Reno Rumble hosted a six team tournament this season with teams as far as Canada to Texas. There you could hear the sounds of clashing metal and roars from the crowd, “oh me oh my.” Let’s get ready to rumble. 

This year’s tournament was a big hit, sorry for the pun, which provided players with like challenges to enjoy the sport and share their knowledge.
The basketball court was a frenzy of motion and sound. Wheels squeaked against the floor as the sound of steel frames crashing together and teammates yelling to each other echoed through the gym.

A woman in a wheelchair bounced a ball to a man, also in a wheelchair. He grabbed it, placed it in his lap, and spun around to face a defensive line of chairs with smudged, slanted wheels. He pushed forward, faking his way around opponents as they tried to grab the ball out of his lap until he passed the goal line

November 14, 2011 — 12:23pm