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Team Force Tryouts

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Carolyn O

posted 4/20/11 - 10:37 am

The following individuals have been invited to the Team Force tryouts in Birmingham, AL next month:
Levoy Bennett, Brooks
Sean Brady, Sharp
CJ Brown, Texas
Jeromy Brown, Tucson
Jeff Butler, Texas
Eric Chase, Michigan
Jarrett Dreyer, Tucson
Jarred Evans, Crown
Landon Groff, Rampage
Grayson Holden, Quake
Joe Jackson, Phoenix
Kip Johnson, Portland
Cody Kingsland, Brooks
Chuck Melton, St Louis
Dave Mengyan, Michigan
Mike Peacock, TIRR
Mike Schacherbauer, Vegas
Steve Servis, Tampa
Emily Shryock, Texas
Bobby Stewart, Carolina
Tom Vixay, Portland
Andrew Yelicie, Capital Punishers
Andy Zimmer, Michigan



Program Manager: James Gumbert, Texas
Head Coach: Troy McGuirk, Sharp
Assistant Coach: Sue Tucker, St Louis
Team Leader: Carolyn Boebinger, Texas
Sophia Bong, Michigan
Mike Box, California
Jen Burns, Michigan
Steve Butler, Indy
Cory Cartwright, Portland
Chuck French, TIRR
Genny Gomez, TIRR
Kris Gratias, Lakeshore
Marc Reynolds, Dallas
Best of luck to all of you!


Rockstar's picture

posted 4/23/11 - 10:57 am

Team Force!

Definitely looking forward to this opportunity to compete with some great athletes, many of whom I've had the chance to play against before, but also plenty I haven't. See you all in May!

Bobby Stewart, #6 Carolina