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Notes from the AGM

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Another year, another AGM. This year’s AGM flew by at a possible record pace, beginning at 9:00AM and concluding at 2:00PM. Thank you to all the team reps that came out and participated, as well as the teams that were unable to be there in person but sent a proxy.

On that note – We currently have over 40 active teams in the United States. Only 25 teams sent representatives or proxy ballots. For us to function effectively as a league we need input from our membership. It is imperative that each team vote at our AGM, even if you are unable to send a representative. This is unacceptable, and we would like to remedy this for next year. We will be reaching out in the next few weeks to the teams that did not vote to ask what we can do in the future to help you get your votes to us. This is your league and your sport – make your voice heard!

 The reports from the Board, RACs, Referees, Classifiers and Committees are available for download in the File Library on

We discussed the importance of locking down postseason hosts as early in the season as possible. If your team is interested in hosting an event please contact Bob Murray. You can also find the Postseason Bid Package in the File Library.

Proposals: We had 12 proposals this year. Here is the breakdown, with full descriptions again (you guessed it!) in the File Library.

120 days to distribute the AGM minutes – PASSED

150 mile player residency clarification – PASSED

Deadline for fees and fines – PASSED with friendly amendment to the wording

Definition of an international player – PASSED with friendly amendment to the wording

IWRF adoption clarification – PASSED

Guest players – FAILED

New date for postseason tournament bids – PASSED

Team transfer – WITHDRAWN

Fees and fines to the Treasurer – PASSED

Regionals/Sectionals in two days – PASSED

IWRF Rule changes – PASSED with friendly amendment to the wording

Full descriptions of these changes will be posted to the File Library.

James Gumbert ran unopposed for Commissioner and was duly reelected. Ron Frederick ran unopposed for Treasurer and was elected. Bob Murray ran with one opponent for 2nd Vice President and was reelected. Welcome to Ron, and thank to Bob and Gumbie for coming back!

Lastly, the one you’ve all been waiting for – The 1.5 trunk rule was discussed but was not voted upon. There was no motion put forward for a vote. Please read the detailed report written up by Trisha Suhr for more information on how this will affect us, but know that we will not be adopting that policy for the upcoming season.

Thanks to you all, and best of luck to everyone this weekend!

April 14, 2011 — 3:20pm