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Triumph in the Face of Adversity

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The Tucson Pterodactyls wheelchair rugby team has had a banner season to date. Currently undefeated during the 2010 – 2011 season, the Dactyls have had tournament wins at Best of the West, Knock and Roll, Heat Rave and Mountain Sectional. With the number one seed going into nationals, the Tucson boys are excited and optimistic about their chances for a national title. 
While the Dactyls have had great success on the court, adversity has been in the face of their efforts all season. An unresolved dispute resulted in these boys walking away from the comforts of the UA wheelchair rugby program to form their own team under new leadership. The task of starting a new team from scratch with no funding and no facilities did not deter them. The first half of the season was spent practicing on outdoor courts at several parks around Tucson; at times contending with pickup basketball players, shady neighborhoods, inclement weather and the occasional police activity.
As the season went along, the Pterodactyls continued to work and fight to find support in order to keep this team together. While most of the expenses have been out-of-pocket this season, the Pterodactyls have been steadily increasing the donations and sponsorships offered to them. During their efforts to find consistent practice facilities, the Dactyls were finally offered court space at the Pascua Yaqui Wellness Center which they graciously accepted.
The goal of any competitive team is to win, improve and rise to the top. The Tucson Pterodactyls have set their sights high. As the season has progressed, they have been realizing their potential and accomplishing their goals. They are going into USQRA Nationals where they feel they belong – at the top. They have been able to get to where they are with raw talent, persistence, hard work and, most of all, amazing support.
The Tucson Pterodactyls would especially like to thank everyone who has been involved in helping them realize their goals this season. Their supporters include Direct Center for Independent Living, Western Emulsions Inc., Desert Skies United Methodists Men, VMC, Pima Medical Institute, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, and friends and family of all the players. Last but not least, a HUGE shout out goes out to the Pterodactyls support staff that has worked tirelessly to keep this team rolling including Kyle Fecteau and led by Nick Schneuker! We could not do it without you all!
April 14, 2011 — 12:27pm