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Team Force Tryouts

The USQRA is looking for sponsors for the 2017-2018 Season

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Greetings, the USQRA is proud to announce the continuation of a Team FORCE this year.  To do that we need your help.  We need you to compile a list of interested – qualified players to attend a tryout in the spring of 2011.



To tryout athletes must meet these criteria:

·         Have played at least 2 years (including the 2010-2011) season in the USQRA

·         Be a member on a club team in good standing with the USQRA

·         Have a valid USQRA classification card

·         Not has been a member of any Paralympic, or World Championship teams.

·         Must not have been a part of the Force team (selected at a invitational tryout) other former member are eligible.,

·         Be able to attend all camps and competitions

The tryouts are set for May 12 – 15 2011. The tryout will be conducted as previous USA and FORCE tryouts with athletes being tested on numerous skills, knowledge and game play.


Other important facts are:

1.      This is a PLAYER SPONSORED TEAM.  In other words all camps, competitions, and tryouts are at the expense of the athlete.  It is hoped that possible sponsorship of the team will occur but, players again should rely on themselves for participation.

2.      Athletes attending this tryout and further making the FORCE team will be considered team members for up to 2 years.  At the end of the 2 year cycle another team will be chosen from the membership.

3.      Because of the close association of the USA and the FORCE programs, players who are in this program will receive education, coaching and competition from previous international as well as national level instructors and teams. In short, players leaving this program should have all the tools they need to take the next step.

4.      This will be a competing traveling team. Athletes involved must be prepared to travel both nationally and internationally as well. 


Careful consideration should be given to prospective candidates.  A deadline of March 1st, 2011 will be the last day for you to submit names for consideration.  At that time all players’ names will go to the selection committee and they will all be notified once a decision has been reached.


We are very excited for the next generation of United States wheelchair rugby players to step up and begin their journeys.  Should you or any candidate have any questions please email them to

Thank you,


February 21, 2011 — 8:43pm