9th Annual Steel City Slam

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posted 2/8/11 - 9:22 am

Basic Information

Date 12 Nov 2011 - 13 Nov 2011 Event Director Bob Eyler
Location Slippery Rock University Phone 412-445-1060
Description DII-DIII tournament  

Additional Information


Ninth Annual Steel City Slam

November 12 - 13, 2011
Host Hotel:
Hyatt Place Cranberry
136 Emeryville Drive
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
724-779-7900 / fax: 724-779-7977
The Hyatt will be opening its continental breakfast at 6:30 to help accommodate your teams if they want to eat thyere. The gym opens at 8:15 Saturday and 8:00 Sunday. There will be many volunteers available to help with anything you need, including Sat morning and Sunday to help you get unloaded/loaded. Please make sure your teams know not to take food or non-water drinks in the hallway or onto the courts. Court four will be covered with tarps and they can eat there or in the kitchen area. Please make sure anyone using spray stick um does so off the courts. Each team will have a designated area for their equipment. 
Do not park diagonally so as to take up 3 spaces (this is a big issue with them!!). If you have a bus/trailer please do unloading in the semi-circle in front of the gym, not in the lot on the left side. The lot on the left side is for players and the lot across the street (by the baseball complex) is for buses, trailers and everyone else. Also, please let your team know that anyone interested can pay a small fee and have full use of the facility including indoor pool, rock climbing wall, exercise equipment etc
To Slippery Rock from Hyatt Place:
Go out of parking lot on Emeryville and turn left on Marguerite. Go .1 miles and turn left on Rt 19. Go .7 miles and turn right on Rt 228. Go .4 miles and bear right to get on I-79. Take I-79 North 26 miles to exit 105. Turn left on 108 East (New Castle Road), go 4 miles and turn right at the first traffic light onto 173 south. Pass McDonalds and take your first left onto Kiester. Go through the blinker and turn left at the road after the small pond. The Aebersold Student Rec Center is right in front of you. Parking for players is on the left on the building, otherwise park in the lot across the street near the baseball field.
Hyatt Place from Slippery Rock:
Go back up Kiester and turn right at the light on South Main (Rt. 173). Go .4 miles and turn left on New Castle Street. Go 4 miles and get on I-79 South. Take exit 78-77 and follow signs to bear right on 228 West. Go .3 miles and turn left on Rt 19 South. Go .7 miles and turn right on Marguerite.
Bob Eyler: H 412-821-0415, C 412-445-1060



Ninth Annual
Steel City Slam


November 12 - 13, 2011
Slippery Rock University
1.) Michigan Storm
2.) Milwaukee Iron
3.) London Annihilators
4.) Philly Magee Eagles
5.) Pittsburgh Black
6.) NRH Capitol Punishers
7.) Ohio Buckeye Blitz
8.) Pittburgh Gold
All Tournament
MVP Cory Harrower
Low Point Picker Andy Zimmer
High Pointer Jacob Jordan
  Saturday – November 12, 2011
Court 1
Court 2
Punishers v Annihilators
Pitt Black v Iron
Eagles v Blitz
Pitt Gold v Storm
Punishers v Iron
Pitt Black v Annihilators
Blitz v Storm
Pitt Gold v Eagles
Annihilators v Iron
Pitt Black v Punishers
Storm v Eagles
Pitt Gold v Blitz
  Sunday – November 13, 2011
Blitz v Punishers
Pitt Black v Pitt Gold
Iron v Eagles
Storm v Annihilators
Punishers v Pitt Black
Blitz v Pitt Gold
Iron v Storm
Annihilators v Eagles
Pool A
Pool B
1.) Michigan Storm
2.) London Annihilators
3.) Philly Magee Eagles
4.) Milwaukee Iron
6.) Ohio Buckeye Blitz
5.) Pittsburgh Black
8.) Pittsburgh Gold
7.) DC Capitol Punishers