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RHI Indy Brawl

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Changes bring Fun

Each season there are changes; new rules, different players, and challenges for finding sufficient funding. Every team in the league deals with these issues each and every season. The key is how we as teams and an organization deal and adapt to them. This season the Indy team has had its fair share. Getting a later than usual start in the year practicing, caused the team to have to put together a one-day tournament on November 20th. This was to insure all players had their two games prior to December 1st. Thus the Fall Brawl Tournament was scheduled and played just as in the past several seasons, only with fewer teams.
The tournament was held in Indianapolis at the 10th Street Sports Center. Fellow Heartland team, TNT sent their B squad to play the RHI Indy Brawlers. Both teams went about their normal pre-game rituals of gearing up and applying plenty of tape and strapping into their chairs. The court was taped off and it was time for the tip-off. TNT, one of the higher ranked Heartland teams, had several new or younger players on the court. The smaller tournament format allowed both teams to give opportunities to less experienced players and new players more court time than normal. Although it would seem a more laid back setting, the competitive spirit was alive and well. Both teams played well and made use of the time to also help teach players valuable lessons dealing with game play scenarios, which are hard to duplicate in practice.
Many of the lessons taught were from the referee perspective helping players better understand the rules and why certain penalties were called or not called. This interaction happens at any tournament, but with only two teams and less time constraints, referees, coaches and players were able to teach and learn from each other.
 After lunch, the teams decided to get back at it on the court. They were eager to do so, as one player put it, “I didn’t drive 3 hours to just sit around, let’s play.” The play soon resumed and continued until the final buzzer sounded. Players then had to get ready to depart, and get back on the road to travel home. All in all, the tournament was a success. It provided the teams valuable court experience, especially for those with little or no real playing time. The tournament allowed players to get their games in order to meet the December 1st deadline and be a part of another tournament.
Yes, change will happen, it is inevitable, but rule changes or changes in players on any team, does not mean fun and competition is gone. In fact, these very changes allowed the Fall Brawl Tournament to remind us of the reasons we got into this sport in the first place.
December 21, 2010 — 5:00am