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The 8th Annual Iron Horse Rumble

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The 8th Annual Iron Horse Rumble in Summary
Oct 16th & 17th 2010
Center Court Sports Complex
Waukesha, Wisconsin

The 2010-11 season began for most of the North Heartland section with the 10th ranked St. Louis Rugby Rams stealing the cake at the 8th Annual lHR in Wisconsin. Not a huge surprise after their 2nd place Division II finish at Nationals.

While the Autumn colors changed outside, blows were exchanged inside as the action began with a familiar rivalry between Chicago and Milwaukee. Although the Iron were off to a slow start scoring just 3 in the 1st quarter, the match finished up with some mostly respectable numbers and the Bears ahead 37 - 30.

On the adjacent court was a foreshadowing of what would be the Championship matchup the following day, where the numbers and competition were similar, St. Louis above Minnesota 46 - 37. Play continued Saturday with a thorough whooping when the Rams opened up a 15 - 3 lead on Milwaukee by the end of the 1st. Was Milwaukee developing a bad habit? The answer is no because they couldn't come back to make the numbers respectable and we'll just say that one ended sadly. By the end of the day it became apparent who was who when St. Louis swept the Bears 58 - 23 and Minnesota finished off Indy 39 -14.

Sunday play offered matchups according to seed, and the revealing of the tournament champs, the undefeated St. Louis Rugby Rams. The chore of carrying home the 2nd place trophy belonged to Minnesota, still battling strongly despite the defecting of two of their starting movers who 'moved' on to team USA- Joe Delegrave & the speedy Chuck Aoki.

Deja vu anyone? The 3rd & 4th place game fought by Milwaukee & Chicago, was nearly a replica of one of last year's games in Indianapolis that went into overtime. However, after two crucial illegal court entries and a leaving the court committed by Milwaukee late in the 4th, the Chicago's Bears were able to pull off a 3 point lead that earned them the win.

The loss of some key players from notable teams and the addition of some new players to others, definitely affected competition. The loss of Emily Shryock and the absence of Brandon Sommerville from the Indy Brawlers left them unable to pull one off all weekend and no doubt, thirsty for vengeance.

Final Standings & Results

St. Louis Rugby Rams
Minnesota North Stars
RIC Chicago Bears
Milwaukee Iron
RHllndy Brawlers

November 14, 2010 — 6:08pm