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How do I switch up axle size in the least complex and costly way?

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posted 8/20/10 - 3:41 pm

I'm looking to beef up my axles by switching from 1/2" to 5/8" because they keep bending due to side impacts from larger players and it's starting to get costly and sometimes it pulls me out of games.

Obviously I would need to switch to 5/8" wheel hubs and 5/8" receivers. My question is this; will the 5/8" receivers fit my existing chair thread size (I'm guessing no) and if not can the chair or new receiver be easily re-milled to fit?

Also, is it possible to just buy new Spinergy 5/8" wheel hubs and swap them out or is the spoke length affected in some way?

Finally, will this switch be cost-prohibitive (I'm guessing I now go through 10 axles or so a season) and should I just suck it up and keep a quiver of axles in my rugby bag?

My chair was built by Concept SCB in Canada if that makes any difference. Sorry about so many questions, just tired of being bogged down by bent axles. I appreciate any advice from equipment gurus or manufacturers or anyone else in the know.


posted 8/21/10 - 12:00 am

Another Option

Buy a couple 1/2" grade 8 bolts long enough that the smooth (non-threaded) part is the length of your axles (this way the threads aren't scratching your receivers). Slide them in and you should be able to play that way (or at least practice). The wheels might slide out occasionally, but your weight will hold them in the majority of the time. I use these without too many problems

Stronger than the hollow axles and cost $5


You can get some 3/4" threaded rod to replace your axles receivers, get a shop to tap a 1/2" threaded hole through them and you can use the bolts screwed in. Just have a wrench handy for tire change.

Probably cheaper option since you can keep your wheels.

J. Ezell

J. Ezell's picture

posted 8/23/10 - 2:49 pm

Good Tech Advice!!

I don't bend too many axles, but if I did, this sounds like a great idea...
I think a lot of Int'l teams use bolts with threaded receivers..

James Ezell, #4 Indy Brawlers


posted 8/24/10 - 10:23 am

Interesting fix for the bent axles

I'm one of those that carries a quiver of axles with me at all times and know exactly what you're talking about.

I have a vision of you catching a flat and one of your teams pit crew comes flying across the floor with a long hose trailing behind them attached to a power "Lug Nut Remover" - NASCAR style and the high pitched sound as it backs out your threaded axle in .012 seconds! Too funny!

# 8 Capitol Punishers.


posted 8/24/10 - 11:46 am

Several Canadian players use

Several Canadian players use the solid case 8 bolts.  Yes it does require a wrench and takes longer to change but switching to 5/8ths is $$$$.

You can try titanium 1/2 inch but they are spendy and not that much stronger as quick release.



posted 9/4/10 - 8:28 am


save your bent axles and have a machine shop straighten them. most axles can be re-bent several times. I know several players who do this and most of them get it done for free.