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The Seattle Slam is Smoking this season

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The Road to Nationals by Cynthia Lynn
This has been a smokin’ season for the Seattle Slam! And it is only going to get hotter when they take off for Nationals next month in Birmingham.  Under the direction of Coach “Big Mike” Clay, and co-captains Curt Chapman and Jeremy Hannaford, the team has built itself into a force to be reckoned with.
After sweeping the Vancouver Invitational and taking the DII Gold, the team is riding a wave of excitement.  And they will be taking that enthusiasm with them to Birmingham. “Hopefully we can carry our winning ways with us,”’ Curt Chapman said, “although the competition will be a lot tougher.”  
1999 was the last time Team Seattle, as it was known then, had the honor of going to Nationals. With the assist of the legendary Steve Pate and Canadian great Garrett Hickling they were able to finish 4th overall. The team still has two of its original players, Bruce Guertin and Make Wagner, who have watched the team evolve into the competitive force it is today.
The Slam has been working on building and improving the team over the last four years and was fortunate enough to add three new players this season: Chris McCarty, Eric Bell and Krzyzstof Tasak. Getting the word out about the sport has always been a challenge, but the Slam players have been doing an amazing job of recruiting whenever they see the opportunity. Jeremy Hannaford recruited Eric Bell in a very casual setting. Eric says ”I was in a bar and Jeremy rolled up to me. We got to talking and he asked me if I had every played rugby and I said no. So he invited me up and it was love at first push!”
Chris McCarty, who has added to the team’s success, first heard about quad rugby from his rehab therapist back in 1998. He loved team sports but had doubts that he could play. Twelve years later he decided to follow up and “quit worrying about what I couldn’t do, and just show up and do something.” He has definitely “done something” this season!  Along with building his stamina and speed, he achieved a personal goal by losing fifty lbs. in his first year!
As the team goes off to, hopefully, finish big in Birmingham, Curt is upbeat about the Slam’s future. “We’re a team with a lot of new players beginning to jell. We have a lot of room to improve, we will only get better”.  
The Slam’s fans and supporters are confident and optimistic that the team will come out ahead next month. Whatever happens, the Seattle Slam is already a winner in their book!


April 7, 2010 — 1:14pm