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Fourth Annual Raleigh Rumble

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 Raleigh Rumble - Keyed up

The Fourth Annual Raleigh Rumble

December 12-13, 2009

Saturday, December 12th, began as a cool morning on the west side of Raleigh.  Five quad rugby teams converged on the Barwell Road Community Center to participate in the fourth annual Raleigh Rumble Quad Rugby Tournament. The Shepherd Smash (Atlanta, GA), Brooks Bandits (Jacksonville, FL), Carolinas Crash (Charlotte, NC), and Capitol Punishers (Washington, DC) arrived in a cold, wet North Carolina for a weekend of rugby.  To make the number of teams an even six for round robin play, the Raleigh Sidewinders were split into two squads – red and black – for the duration of the weekend.

    Getting things going early, Atlanta and Jacksonville squared off on one court, with Raleigh-red and Charlotte taking sides on the other.  The rubberized gym floor and the slick, new game balls took some adapting to initially, but it wasn't long before each game was decided.  Atlanta beat Jacksonville 62-17, while Charlotte handed Raleigh-red a defeat, beating them 49-24.  Atlanta was given no rest – and indeed needed none – to play a second consecutive game on the same court against the Punishers, the outcome of which was only slightly less decisive than the first, at 51-16 for the Smash.  Likewise, Raleigh-red stayed on the court for a match against their compatriots from the black half.  That one ended 40-13 in the black squad's favor.

    As the day sped by, athletes were treated to a steady supply of food, water, and other refreshments from Chick-Fil-A and the kitchens of the many gracious volunteers who also turned out in droves to furnish them to hungry athletes.  The afternoon games began with Raleigh-black and DC, and Raleigh took that one, 54-24.  After a much needed break, Raleigh-red returned to the court to face Atlanta in what was the most one-sided game of the weekend, with Atlanta scoring 59 goals to Raleigh-red's ten.  On the opposite court, Charlotte handed Jacksonville a defeat of 51-32.  Jacksonville subsequently went on to face the Raleigh-black squad on the other court, on which they were defeated 54-18.  Saturday concluded with a final game between Charlotte and DC, which Charlotte won 47-27.

    Sunday began much in the same way Saturday did – cool and wet.  The first two concurrent games had Raleigh-red vs. DC and Atlanta vs. Charlotte.  DC won their round, 57-29; likewise for Atlanta, 60-29.  Raleigh-red stayed on court for a second game against Jacksonville, which the Jax team won 53-38.  Atlanta's warmup against Charlotte preceded their closest competition of the weekend – the Raleigh-black squad – which they still won decisively, 46-38.  The last two matches of the weekend were between DC and Jacksonville, and Raleigh-black and Charlotte.  DC and Raleigh-black came away the final victors, 62-43 and 46-32, respectively.

The weekend concluded with the closing ceremonies, in which the All Tournament Team awards were presented as follows: John Seiner (Jacksonville) – 0.5, Scott Stokes (Atlanta) – 1.0-1.5, Mark Herndon (Raleigh-black) – 2.0-2.5, Ron Frederick (Raleigh-black) 3.0-3.5, Eric Silberberg (Raleigh-red) – sportsmanship, MVP - Duane Morrow (Atlanta). Final standings were in descending order, as follows: Shepherd Smash, Raleigh Sidewinders (black), Carolinas Crash, Capitol Punishers, Brooks Bandits, and finally, Raleigh Sidewinders (red). A great weekend was had by all, and we hope all teams can return to Raleigh again in the future.

January 10, 2010 — 1:30pm