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how do i get on a team to play whelchair rugsby

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dani dee simien

posted 11/30/09 - 10:20 pm

hello my name is Dani Simien im 21, paralyzed waist down. Ive been wanting too play wheelchair rugsby for a good while now. Im going on my 3rd year of being paraylzed and i want to kno what do i have too do too get on a team and play my heart out.. thanks.


Penelope's picture

posted 12/1/09 - 9:24 pm

I completely understand your

I completely understand your desire to play :). I am toying with the idea of forming a league for other people with disability, to play w/c rugby... (I was classed out of the quad rugby league)... What do you think of playing on this seperate w/c rugby league?

GO BIG or go home :-P


posted 12/2/09 - 7:59 am

Where are you located? Is

Where are you located? Is the US - what state, what's the closest major city?