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Wheelchair rugby puts athletes back on the team By Leslie Wade, CNN Medical producer

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Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Talbot Kennedy became a quadriplegic on the last day of high school. He's still an athlete.

Playing rugby has helped Kennedy come to terms with his injury and his new life using a wheelchair.

"I've always been active in sports, and being on a sports team, it's almost like you're part of a family," he says. "It's your second family."

The Smash Rugby team at the Shepherd Center, a rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, scrimmages several nights a week on an indoor basketball court.

"Take a hit Talbot," says coach and occupational therapist Amy Bohn.

The team is part of the United States Quad Rugby Association, playing in tournaments across the country from November through April. MORE


November 16, 2009 — 6:34pm