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Player's Corner

September 15, Deadline for transfer notification

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posted 9/11/09 - 10:48 pm

September 15 is the deadline for notifying your team representative if you are changing teams.

Players who are planning to play for a different team this season other than the team they played for last season must notify their past team representative by September 15. This applies even if the past season's team will not roster a team this season.

Failure to notify the past season's team representatives and to submit this notification to the USQRA Commissioner by October 1st will result in disqualification for post season play for the player in question.
USQRA Bylaws
Article III Player Eligibility
Section 3 Player Transfers
A transfer shall be defined as a player moving from a rostered team to another rostered team in the current or previous year. Any player in the USQRA may transfer to another team if they wish. However, if a player chooses to transfer both the player and the team they transfer to must agree to the following guidelines:
     a) The proposed transfer must take place prior to      October 1st of the upcoming rugby season.

     b) The transferring player must notify the Commissioner and Secretary’s office in writing of the proposed transfer no later than October 1st.

     c) A written resignation letter must be given to the current team’s coach or representative by September 15th. Copies of that resignation letter must also be sent to the Commissioner and Secretary’s office, and be received no later than October 1st.

Bob Crandall
USQRA Secretary