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Players names???

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posted 9/2/09 - 8:22 am

Why aren't the players names listed under team?


posted 9/3/09 - 7:03 pm

  I see player names listed


I see player names listed under some teams, so I think the ones that are blank are because teams haven't filled them in. I remember hearing that evry team was given access to their team page and was responsible to put their information in. Obviously some teams just don't care if their stuff shows up or not.


posted 9/3/09 - 7:10 pm

My bad. I thought you were

My bad. I thought you were asking about names on club teams, but now I see you were asking about team USQRA. Good question VMC. They deserve to be known.

Matt B

Matt B's picture

posted 9/4/09 - 4:17 pm

Click on Team USQRA then on

Click on Team USQRA then on the left side click The Team everythings listed under the picture


posted 9/4/09 - 8:26 pm

It's about time!

Well, great to see sombody finally woke up and got on the stick!

Damn, do I have to do ALL the bitc#n around here?

Thank you