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How able should I be?

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posted 6/29/09 - 10:08 pm

If I want to play but I get around in a powerchair for everyday use should I be looking for something else? Not many quadrugby players show up in a powerchair and transfer do they?

Ron Frederick

posted 6/30/09 - 1:05 pm

new player in powerchair

there are many players that start out in a powerchair. don't hesitate to contact the closest team to you and go see for yourself.




posted 6/30/09 - 2:49 pm

I have one .5 on my team

I have one .5 on my team that was in a powerchair when he started and moved to a power assist chair and is now pushing a regular chair. I also have another player that has been in a powerchair for over 15 years he has been playing with us for about a year and has lost 35 lbs and looks 10 years younger than he did when he started and he is still in his powerchair.


Brooks Bandits


posted 6/30/09 - 8:40 pm

2.5 was in a power chair

There is a 2.5 who has played for St. Louis for several years.  He is now in a manual chair but was in a power chair for a few years when he started playing.


posted 7/2/09 - 7:39 am

Generally speaking, if you

Generally speaking, if you can push a wheelchair then you can play rugby. Get your power ass to a practice and give it a try! Once you do, you'll loose that electric anchor and gain your true independance because that what this sport does for peoples lives.


posted 7/30/09 - 10:28 am

I use a power chair & play

If you can push a manual at all you can play. I've been pushing a joy stick for 23 years - went to the first practice and got a boost into a QR chair and have been playing ever since. I lost 32 lbs and have bought a manual. I get it in some but still need to get my van transfer down before completely switching over.

You don't have to push a manual to play. Those that speak of "true independence" in a manual chair are the ones that'll eat at the flatest closest restaurant with crappy food because a good restaurant is 5 blocks away...uphill! Pros & cons to both means of mobility. They generally don't start bugging you to get a manual until you start blowing by them on the court - its an ego thang!

Do it you'll love it!

Kimball #8 Capitol Punishers