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Wheels hit the court for international tournament

Wheels hit the court for international tournament Brooks Rehabilitation host ninth annual tournament JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Brooks Rehabilitation is hosting the ninth annual, "Southern Slam Quad Rugby Tournament" this weekend. The tournament was once called “murderball,” but now it’s more tamely known as “quad rugby.” Quad rugby is a team sport for athletes who have a disability. As of Friday, 12 teams from all over the world, including Switzerland are in Jacksonville for the event.


February 9, 2016 — 2:11am

London Repeats in Tampa

This past January, the 24th Annual Tampa International Wheelchair Rugby Tournament was held. This year’s tournament featured two club teams from Canada, the Swiss national team, and five U.S. club teams.


February 5, 2016 — 3:04am

13th Annual Columbus Collision Wheelchair Rugby Tournament

The Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio (ASPO) held the 13th Annual Columbus Collision Wheelchair Rugby Tournament in Columbus, Ohio December 5th and 6th, 2015. As always I first need to give a big thank you to Columbus Therapeutic Recreation and Parks who provides us a great playing facility at Cleo Dumaree Athletic Complex and transportation for the weekend, their support over the years has been much appreciated, not to mention providing staff for the event as well. Anyone who organizes and runs a rugby tournament knows that you can’t do it without the support of the volunteers, thanks to all the students and volunteers who made this event a success. Bob Lopez served as the head referee, did a great job getting referees to Columbus and ran a smooth operation all weekend.


January 7, 2016 — 3:08am

Northeast Passage Rugby Team Takes Title in Philadelphia

Northeast Passage quad rugby player at UNH UNH junior Robbie Dudzisz '17 plays on the Northeast Passage quad rugby team, which clinched the Beast of the East championship last month in Philadelphia.


December 31, 2015 — 5:33pm

2015 Connecticut Classic Wheelchair Rugby Tournament Summary

On Saturday December 5th and Sunday December 6th, the 2015 Connecticut Classic Wheelchair Rugby Tournament was held at Chapter 126 Sports & Fitness in Bristol Connecticut, hosted by the Connecticut Jammers and the Sports Association of Gaylord Hospital. The teams of this tough sport, originally known as Murderball, came from across the Northeast. The wheelchair rugby tournament teams included the Philadelphia Eagles from Pennsylvania with coach Micheal Nacci, the Global Abilities Fury from Maryland with coach AJ Nanayakkara, the Northeast Passage Wildcats from New Hampshire with coach Chandler Bullard and the Connecticut Jammers from Connecticut with coach Wil Kornegay.


December 29, 2015 — 2:01am

The World Wheelchair Rugby challenge - a visual tour / by Tom Jenkins


October 31, 2015 — 3:00pm

IWRF expands the Wheelchair Rugby Family

As part of its new Strategic Plan, the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) has committed to work with variants of the sport of wheelchair rugby, with the aim of bringing them under IWRF governance.


April 16, 2015 — 4:45pm

Announcement Regarding 2015 AGM

April 10, 2015

Membership of the USQRA, staff, coaches and volunteers:

On Wednesday, April 1, 2015, the United States Quad Rugby Association Board of Directors held its Annual General Meeting in Louisville, KY to discuss new proposals, elect new officers, and vote on amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws.


April 11, 2015 — 7:40pm

2015 USQRA Division I & Division II results

April 3, 2015 — 5:00pm

USQRA Divisions

The divisions of the USQRA are currently set up as D1 D2 and D3 but what do they really mean? As my understanding D1 consists of the top 8 teams that qualify for nationals. D2 consists of the remaining teams that haven’t declared themselves as developmental. D3 consists of team that have declared themselves as developmental teams. So at the beginning of the season and throughout the question remains in the air of where teams really stand. This makes it very hard to have evenly competitive tournaments.


April 2, 2015 — 2:04pm