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uad rugby is wheelchair rugby is Murderball. They are all the same game with different names. Quad rugby is the name most quads prefer because it identifies quads as the players. Quads invented the game so there is a certain amount of pride there. Wheelchair rugby is more precise because everyone who plays the sport is not necessarily a quad in the true medical sense. Murderball is the original name for the game, and the name of the award-winning new movie. So, it’s all the same game, just different ways of saying it.
The United States Quad Rugby Association (USQRA) has adopted a slogan that we feel captures the main message of our players, the movie, and our sport. “Smashing stereotypes one hit at a time” is that slogan. The game is a tough, give-no-quarter game. Murderball/Wheelchair Rugby changes lives. Any misconceptions about quads and helplessness are quickly eliminated as soon as someone sees the game or tries to play Murderball/Quad Rugby. The players transcend any pitiful images that one might conjured up, and their day-to-day lives, their successes and failures on and off the court are a continuous example of smashing negative perceptions and stereotypes. The movie Murderball is a documented testament to the spirit of our players, their humanity, and the intensity of our game. is the parent to this web site and we welcome you to browse through and get many questions answered there that we may not have addressed on this site.  was created to help promote the movie and the sport of Murderball, and moreover, to let people know about the USQRA and how you can get involved, start a team, volunteer, sponsor, or whatever we can provide to introduce you to the fastest growing wheelchair sport in the world.

  Contact Us

Marketing Contact: Jason Regier
Fundraising: John Ershek
New Teams/New Players: Bob Crandall
Developmental: John Bishop
President: Ed Hooper
Commissioner: Tom Hamill

Quad RUgby Association
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  Start a Team

Starting a team requires commitment, hard work, and, of course, players. The USQRA in conjunction with Blaze Sports has developed a manual that will help with certain aspects of starting a team. The manual gives detailed information about all aspects of the game, how to practice, plays, strategy, etc. It was created to be a thorough and valuable tool for new teams and existing teams as well.

Fundraising is also a big part of starting a team. Use your contacts. Is there a local rehab hospital that you can contact? Local businesses? Individuals? The cost of chairs alone are quite high (from $2000 to $3000), however, used equipment might be available through the USQRA and its member teams at a fraction of those costs.

You’ll need a place to practice. You’ll probably need support staff. With any and all of this, ask us. We will help. You can also visit our Rugby Resource Page to read several helpful documents covering many topics.


  Become a Sponsor

The movie Murderball has brought a great deal of attention to quad rugby. Several different media companies have recently approached the USQRA to discuss everything from reality television to extreme sports.  There are many great opportunities for sponsorship to help us during our early stages development. 

The USQRA needs financial help to grow the sport beyond its current scope, both here in the United States and worldwide.  Other countries have direct governmental support, and fund their wheelchair rugby programs with hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  Many times our athletes and volunteers must pay their own way.  But with our sport’s exposure to a more mainstream audience, we feel that many great sponsorship opportunities will become available to help provide more wheelchair rugby activities for people with disabilities. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities with the USQRA, please contact our Treasurer, John Ershek.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of Murderball/Quad Rugby. We couldn’t play the sport without them, from support staff, to classifiers (mainly PT’s and OT’s who are paid), to team managers and equipment people, to referees (who are paid but give much of their time to the sport). Murderball/Wheelchair Rugby needs its supporting infrastructure. We need good people who want to make a difference to fill these roles. You can easily join in the quest to smash stereotypes one hit at a time.

How does one get involved? It’s as simple as asking. If there is a team in your area, we will put you in touch with that contact person or click here! If you would like to become a referee then contact Bob Lopez . If you would like to become a classifier then contact Trisha Suhr.


  Professional Outreach

Whether you are a rehab professional, a doctor, a pharmaceutical professional or a private health care worker, you can help. With privacy laws preventing most hospitals and rehab professionals from giving out information, and, with the length of stay for newly injured spinal cord persons so greatly reduced, it is difficult to find and tell them about Murderball/Quad Rugby. However, you can point people in our direction and help them contact us early on. Murderball/Quad Rugby has served as a vehicle to get many people with disabilities back out into the world. In many ways, it has been as important a tool to a person’s independence as a wheelchair itself. We have flyers and brochures, videos and posters all available to you. We are reaching out because all too often newly injured individuals with enormous potential get placed back into society without any interaction or contact with their peers. You can help. Contact Charles Ray to help.

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