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 Section 1: Mission and Purpose

The Mission of the USQRA Hall of Fame (HOF) is to celebrate and honor the undeniable spirit and presence of the pioneers, developers, coaches and athletes of quad rugby. This will provide a context and foundation for the level of performance and sportsmanship of the rugby community to aspire to, now and in the future.

The purpose of the USQRA Hall of Fame is to enshrine, in the form of a permanent record, the names of those individuals who have exerted a distinctive, positive influence of unique dimension on the sport of quad rugby.

Section 2: Classes of Members

Two classes of individuals shall be clearly identified for inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

A. Competitors: This class includes all those who, by virtue of their unique and singular achievements as players or coaches, are deserving of recognition in the Hall of Fame.  

B. Non-competitors: This class includes all those, disabled and able-bodied alike, who are deserving of recognition by virtue of their considered contributions to the development, growth, support and advancement of wheelchair rugby without regard to their prowess as players.

Section 3: Criteria for Selection

The criteria for selecting individuals to the Hall of Fame in each class are as follows:

A. Competitors and Coaches:

1. Individuals must have completed a minimum of five years as competitors (except wherein extenuating circumstances dictating a lesser number of years is identified).

2. "Unique and Singular Achievements" as the basis for selection should be interpreted as inclusive of any one or more of the following multifaceted criteria:

Acknowledged superiority of skill respective to physical classification

Demonstration of Integrity and Sportsmanship of the highest order

Establishment of distinctive playing records that have stood the test of time

Longevity of participation that earns respect on the basis of the true fulfillment of the purposes of sport. 

Membership on USA team(s) of the past 

Membership on championship teams

B. Non-Competitors:

1. Individuals must have served a minimum of five years (except wherein extenuating circumstances dictating a lesser number of years can be identified) in the interest of wheelchair rugby.

3. Individuals must have served in the capacity as an administrator, referee, classifier, or supporter of quad rugby.  

4. In this respect, the individual must have demonstrated a clearly unselfish dedication to the sport that has enhanced its development on a local, sectional or national basis.  

5. The contribution(s) made to the sport may be made in any of the realms of officiating, administrating, education and the like.

Section 4: Award

A suitably engraved plaque bearing the monogram of the USQRA shall be awarded the individual upon his/her selection into the Hall of Fame.  It shall be presented to him/her on some auspicious occasion such as the USQRA National Championship banquet.

Section 5: Nominations

Nominations for membership into the Hall of Fame may be made by any past or current member of the USQRA, and submitted to the Hall of Fame Chairperson for consideration. A citation shall then be drawn up for each worthy candidate by the Hall of Fame Chair and presented to the Hall of Fame members for its final determination.

Section 6:  Timelines

The suggested timelines are as follows:

November 1st- December 31:  Nomination forms will be accepted

January 15th: Committee members will receive nomination forms, vote and return their ballots

February 1st: Votes will be tabulated and the results sent back to committee for approval

February 15th: Inductees will be notified

USQRA National Championships: Inductees will be presented



All USQRA Hall of Fame candidates must have a nomination form submitted for them by December 31st. All submitted nomination forms must include a detailed biography about the nominee so that any HOF members who may not be familiar with this person will clearly understand their achievements and contributions to the sport. Please read all information carefully and complete the form below.

All Nominations must be received by the USQRA Hall of Fame Chairperson no later than December 31st.

Download the Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Hall of Fame Members

  • 2017 - Sebastian DeFrancesco - Class 1.0