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The USQRA is looking for sponsors for the 2017-2018 Season

Please contact the 2nd Vice-President for information about becoming a sponsor

2012 Classification ManualFinal DraftUSQRA_Class_Manual_2012.pdf550.15 KB
2013 nationals poster550024_10200694319343057_197056210_n.jpg191.13 KB
2014 Master Classification ListUSQRA Masterlist 101014.pdf91.24 KB
2014 Nationals ScoresheetsScores, results, all tournament2014 Nationals Scoresheets.pdf6.86 MB
2014 Team USA Equipment Manager Job Description2014EquipmentJobDescription.doc34.5 KB
2014 Team USA Strength and Conditioning Coordinator2014SnCJobDescription.doc36.5 KB
2014 Team USA Tryout2014 Team USA Tryout forms2013_2014_Selection_Procedures_final.doc68 KB
2014 Team USA Tryout2014 Team USA Tryout forms2014_Protest_Procedure.doc39.5 KB
2014 Team USA Tryout2014 Team USA Tryout forms2014_Try_Out_Invitation.doc96 KB
2014 USQRA Classification Manual2014 USQRA Classification ManualClassificationManual.pdf1.26 MB
2015 Nationals Schedule (seeds only)2015 Nationals Game Schedule.pdf65.88 KB
2016 AGM Minutes2016 AGM MinutesAGM Transcription 2016.pdf612.22 KB
2017 AGM Proposals2017 AGM Proposals2017 AGM Proposals.pdf172.56 KB
AGM Proposal 2017AGM_Proposal_Blank 2017.doc31.5 KB
AGM Proposal GuidelinesThis is an AGM proposal guideline which should be used when submitting proposals.AGMproposalform.doc51 KB
AGM Results 20152016AGMResults.docx_.pdf286.02 KB