Each season the USQRA presents two major awards; The Spirit of Achievement Award, and the USQRA Athlete of the Year. The first award is given to a volunteer in recognition of their unselfish contributions to the sport of Quad Rugby. The other is given to recognize an outstanding athlete who has excelled in their play. These honors first began in 1998, and will continue each year into the sports future.

Listed below are the past recipients of these prestigious awards.

1998 Spirit of Achievement Judy Pfiester, USQRA Secretary
1998 Athlete of the Year 0.5 Eddie Crouch Tennessee QuadCrushers

1999 Spirit of Achievement Angie Seals, Classifier
1999 Athlete of the Year 2.5 Rick Draney - Sharp Shadow

2000 Spirit of Achievement John Bishop, USQRA Treasurer
2000 Athlete of the Year 1.5 Bill Renje Tampa Generals

2001 Spirit of Achievement Kathy Nelligan, Team Support
2001 Athlete of the Year 3.5 Steve Pate San Jose Quake

2002 Spirit of Achievement Nancy Lehrer, Team Support
2002 Athlete of the Year 2.0 Andy Cohn Phoenix Heat

2003 Spirit of Achievement Ric Costow, Referee
2003 Athlete of the Year 2.0 Bryan Kirkland Lakeshore Demolition

2004 Spirit of Achievement Dennis Snook, Referee
2004 Athlete of the Year 3.0 Mark Zupan Texas Stampede

2005 Spirit of Achievement Jane Thomas, Team Support
2005 Athlete of the Year 1.0 Norm Lyduch Texas Stampede

2006 Spirit of Achievement James Gumbert, USQRA President
2006 Athlete of the Year 3.0 Shinichi Shimakawa Phoenix Heat

2007 Spirit of Achievement Ed Suhr, past USQRA President
2007 Athlete of the Year - 1.0 Scott Hogsett - Phoenix Heat

2008 Spirit of Achievement Robert Murray, Sin City Skulls
2008 Athlete of the Year - 0.5 Jason Regier - Denver Harlequins

To nominate someone for one of these awards click here.

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