2008 USQRA Post-Season Auction

Two (2) Wheelchairs, two (2) sets of Spinergy wheels and one Travel Shower bench have been secured as part of this years USQRA post-season auction. Listed below are the details on available items and how you can submit a bid.

Auction item descriptions are as follows:

  • Eagle SportsChairs has generously donated one of the following Eagle products as described below:

    I. Titanium Everyday Chair: Any Style: Complete with soft roll casters and uniforks.

    II. Aluminum Rugby Chair with all straps, handrims and spoke guards.

    III. Racer complete with computer, titanium steering handles and panaracer tires.

    IV. Basketball Chair: Titanium or Aluminum: All straps included.

    V. Tennis Chair: Titanium or Aluminum: All straps included.

    All items come with regular spoke wheels and standard cushion. Spinergy spox wheels can be added at an additional price. The chair will be built to the winner's specifications using standard parts. For further product information, visit http://www.eaglesportschairs.com

    The opening bid for this item is $500 and the minimum bid increase is $10. 


  • R&D Fabrication (RAM) has donated one RAM 101 (defensive) or RAM 102 (offensive) Rugby Chair, including most economical freight. The winning bidder chooses the chair and it will be built to their size specifications. The chair is scheduled to be built in August, but may be delayed if the winner chooses.


  • Nuprodx has donated a Multichair 3000tx portable travel shower chair. Features include: Seamless padded Ensolite seat cushion, Waterproof nylon cloth back, Two swing-away locking side arms, Swing-away transfer cushion kit, Black nylon carrying case (9" x 9.5 x 18"). Seat height adjusts from 18" to 24 to provide access over even the highest toilets required by the ADA. Constructed of materials that won't rust or corrode: aircraft grade aluminum, brass, stainless steel and plastic, The lightest, smallest and best tub transfer bench/commode chair available, which can easily fit in your lap. Folds up and packs in a black nylon carrying case that complies with FAA requirements for carry-on luggage, making it small enough to fit underneath most standard wheel chairs. Capable of going through most airport X-ray machines. Approximate weight: 14 pounds. Weight capacity: 300 pounds

  • Spinergy and Fusion Medical have donated two pairs of Spinergy's new "next generation" wheels with all of the extras. The 2 highest bidders will choose 1 set of either the NEW 2008 24-spoke "SLX" (Sport Light Extreme - for sports use), or the NEW 12-spoke "LX" (Light Extreme - for everyday use).

    All wheel sizes and spoke colors (Black, Yellow, Red, White, Blue) are available to choose from. Wheels will come complete with tires, tubes and handrims, complements of Fusion Medical. Each set of these wheels has a suggested retail price of $895. For further product information, visit www.spinergy.com and www.fusionmedical.com

    The opening bid for each set of these wheels is $300 and the minimum bid increase is $10. 


All items secured by the USQRA in return for National Sponsorship will be sold to the highest bidder in an open bid auction format. The following rules apply.

  1. The opening bid for the Eagle wheelchair is $500 dollars. The minimum opening bid for each pair of Spinergy wheels is $300.  Bid increases must be $10 dollars or more. Current high bids can be found online at toc.htm 

  2. Bids will be updated on the web each night whenever possible.

  3. Bidding will begin on Tuesday, March 25, 2007, and will end 30 minutes after the conclusion of the USQRA Division I National Championship game on April 13, 2008.  E-mail bids will be accepted until 8 AM Eastern time on Sunday, April 13th. 

  4. If you will not be at Nationals you can appoint a friend or someone else to submit bids on your behalf, but the USQRA will not assume any responsibility or liable for this arrangement.

  5. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the Awards Ceremony of the USQRA National Championship in Louisville, Kentucky on April 13th.   If the winner is not present they will be notified by telephone or email as soon after as possible.

  6. Winners are expected to make payment in full to the USQRA Treasurer within seven days of notification by check or credit card (credit card payments will be charged an extra 5% processing fee). If a winner defaults, the next highest bidder will receive the item in question.

  7. This auction is open to anyone that would like to submit a bid.

  8. Shipping is included on all items in the continental United States only.  Any item shipped internationally will be at the added expense of the winner.

  9. Proceeds received from this auction will be distributed to post-season tournament hosts after all requirements of hosts have been made to the USQRA.

  10. All questions should be addressed to USQRA Treasurer, John Ershek

  11. If you have read the Rules of Participation above you can click here to submit a bid now.

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Spinergy - Fusion Medical - Astra Tech - RAM - Nuprodx

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